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On Wednesday, September 14, 2016 at 5:54 PM, rosiejaneymary said:

I was there as well (waaaaay older than 10 though!). It was a great show, with a lot of highlights, but Blood Brothers is the one that always stands out for me.  Clarence had tears and so did I.

That was my first visit to Shea. I was really looking forward to it because of the Beatle magic that happened there. The afternoon and early evening was a drizzley rain. My seat was on the field and I'm still exasperated when I recall my horror at finding a line of port-a-johns situated directly over the 2nd base area where the Beatle's stage was!! The show was undeniably a classic. The low point was Dylan mumbling incoherently through Highway 61. I believe that's when NYC's finest refused to provide escort service for the band due to 41 Shots. Think I'll listen to the boot this weekend.main image

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On 9/14/2016 at 0:56 PM, Born To Walk said:

I've not heard it yet, but there's a new version that promises to be much better.


Bruce Springsteen, live at The Main Point, Bryn Mawr, PA on 5th February 1975. The Ultimate Edition. Previous releases of this legendary performance have all suffered from a major dip in sound quality on disc two, until now! This Ultimate edition now features the second set in superb fidelity, making this the definitive release of this show. 

There's already an upload to Jungleland of the second disc upgrade. Been for a while. I'm guessing this is the same, I don't know.

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I'm sure once they clear the backlog we will get some archive releases.

The good news is the mixer is not currently working with Phish, so those instant releases won't start again until mid-October.

Good things will come to those who wait.

I want a Magic tour show from fall of '07, a WOAD show from Fall of '09, all 3 of the Passaic shows from '78, Something from the Summer '81 run from Jersey or L.A..

I'm not picky, just BRING IT ON.


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1 hour ago, Buddhabone said:

Something from the Summer '81 run from Jersey or L.A..

N.J. 1981 shows were for sure professionally recorded, as songs from these shows are on Live 1975/85. Maybe not all 6 shows were recorded but at least a few of them.

But maybe unlikely a 1980 or a 1981 show will be released soon after or during the current releases of all shows of The River 2016 tour.


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10 hours ago, RagamuffinGunner1 said:

Why was that first release even done? The Apollo show from 2012, I mean.

Was it because it was aired on Sirius and it gave them the idea or something?

I haven't listened to it but it doesn't seem that special or relevant compared to all the other releases.


I think they had it recorded, mixed, and could be easily put out to test the nugs supply chain. I actually like it. It was a good early complete Wrecking Ball show.

They then got feedback after the Cleveland '78 release as to our desire for improved sound quality. Then the Tower boot came out and wow it is most likely the best sounding one. I also really like the L.A. Tunnel Show.

The River Tour could have been a catastrophe, but then the decision to do mixing by a pro who is used to getting these mixes done relatively quickly really made this a good tour.

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