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Help get us through another year - donations accepted

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Had to wait for my pension, but now I sent another donation to keep this great place running.

Thanks to all of you

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I would just like to say and no blasphemy intended

Thank God for greasylake

I left my cell phone in the ladies loos at coastlands mall in Paraparaumu and by the time I noticed it was missing it was ...well missing

It's like my arm has been cut off the last 24 hours

What upsets me the most - apart from all my passwords and having to cancel my MasterCard debit is all the picture of Tinky I've lost

More than 3 hours waiting for my provider to answer and a new phone (not as good as the old one) I'm so grateful to greasylake because I can trawl through and find some photos on that dog thread 

I've lost so much Bruce too


anyway Mr Cosmic kid as soon as my new debit card arrives from the bank I think greasylake has more than urned some more money from me

So a big thank you to all the people behind the scenes who make our online home work and a thank you to everyone else who make it my internet home

Even if I don't know your real names so many of you I value as my friends 

Now I just have to teach this new phone how to pre-empt Bruce talk ....


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