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40 minutes ago, Bosstralian said:

Are you saving your pennies for Cold Chisel's one and only NZ show next year? :)

Where is that place (Tauranga) in NZ anyway?

i won't be fighting anyone for that ticket:lol:

ive had more than my share of Mr Barnes - not that i dislike him - im always hapoy to know he's doing well


for the longest time Tauranga was full of old retired people, very warm, low power bills, tropical type gardens, Winston Peters was MP (for the right wing back in the day - he's such an un trustworthy turncoat of a snake - all be a well dressed, well spoken snake - old people lap it up because he campaigns on fear and hate)

anyway but nowdays people comute to Auckland from Tauranga for work

it kind of snuck up on me

i thought it was a bit of a  provincal backwater and then boom!  its getting treated as a main centre on the wheather 

i have only been there once, before its transformation

if you're thinking of visiting its probably really nice ... or you could just go to Noosa 

oh hang on :lol: Where was the question :lol:

its about an hour south of Auckland or an hour north of Rotorua, its on the East coast and has a big new port 

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