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The Cluney, Newcastle 22nd April

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I have my second ever trip to Newcastle lined up, the first time was in 1985 for some American guy and his band.

The Springsteen Sessions are playing at The Cluney, I know a couple of

Lakers that are going as well, I just wondered if anyone else from here was going.

If you are then I'll see you there, I'll be the old balding tubby guy...well...the other old balding tubby guy that isn't @Ginslinger that is;)

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On 7/4/2017 at 10:45 PM, newcastle roy said:

I'll be there, so will wor kid.

 Looking forward to it, boogie man rates this band very high, his recommendation is good enough for me.


Roy, there have been a couple of changes within the band since The Cluny last year, one is a new sax player as The Cluny last year was the previuos sax players final show with them, I spoke to him after the show and his full time job is as a school teacher and the booking were just getting too much for him, but he assured me the replacement would in no way detract from the show, I look forward to your report afterwards and just wish I could be there with you all....have a great nite and say hello to Greenhills for me.

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I really enjoyed the gig and it was good to meet up with people too.

Very much a 'greatest hits' show (nothing wrong with that) and some very good musicians, especially the guitarist.

I was a bit surprised though. I thought they were a UK band, but the 'Bruce' dialogue between songs was in Russian or some other unrecognizable language. :)


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Been meaning to post about this all week, but never had a chance.

It doesn't look like we'll be seeing the real thing this year, so I'd really been looking forward to seeing The Sessions again.

As Ginslinger says, very much a greatest hits show, with only the opener, We Take Care Of Our Own representing post BITUSA material.

Dougie mentioned that they're in the process of putting together a new show, so it's possible the setlist will change next time round.  

Having said that, there aren't many better ways to spend a Saturday evening, than having a couple of beers whilst singing along to Rosie, Badlands, BTR, Thunder Road etc, being performed live by a great bunch of lads who obviously enjoy what they're doing. 

And they do it very well !

Cheers guys. Looking forward to seeing the new show. 


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Went to see these guys again on Friday night, three new members in the band since last time I saw them, great evening played around two and a half hours of wall to wall Bruce, Jungleland was superb, do not miss them when they come around your way.

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Some upcoming dates for the SSS (Superb Springsteen Sessions) :-

Fri 11th May  The Brickyard Carlisle

Sun 24th Jun  The Cluny Newcastle

Fri 7th Dec    Manchester Academy 3 Manchester

Get along there if you can you will not be disappointed.

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