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Random Thoughts + Discussion: Springsteen edition

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10 hours ago, stillilllife said:

What instrument(s) is being played in the solo section at 1:48?:

In the live version it seems to be played on a 12-string electric guitar, but I'm not sure what I'm hearing on the studio version.

You know I always thought it was a harmonica, but listening back I’m not as sure - maybe a keyboard sound?

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This, from Ian Hunter's latest Horse's Mouth fan interaction (a great feature that Bruce should adopt).

" ‘Schizophrenic’ ( album) started life at Wessex Studios in London, but I wasn’t too happy with the way it was going. Steve Popovich (my manager at the time – now sadly passed – great, great guy) said the E Streeters would be interested if I wanted to come back to New York. Mick (Ronson) and I went back to the States and we recorded at the Power Station in Hell’s Kitchen. John Cale’s on that as well.
The E Streeters were lovely guys – as was Bruce, who I met at the Power Station years later. I like to think ‘Schizophrenic was the reason Bruce started to record at the Power Station. Max, in particular, loved the sound Bob Clearmountain was getting. Good times."


Roy, Max and Garry are on this album.  Roy gets additional arrangement credits.  Certainly Hunter's finest album.  Exceptional piece of work.

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6 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

Noticed that Western Stars album cover is the only studio album without Bruce's name on it? Is there a story about why not? 

The picture of the 'orse is so big there was no room left for 'Bruce Springsteen'.

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Lakers, can anyone point me to a transcript of the rest of this voice-over:

 “Age brings perspective and the fine clarity one gets at midnight on the tracks, looking into the lights of an oncoming train. It dawns on you rather quickly: There’s only so much time left. Only so many star-filled nights, snowfalls, brisk fall afternoons, rainy midsummer days.”


I'd like to cut and paste it into an FB post without having to write it all out myself....



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Was watching CNN a bit ago, and one of the talking heads was a guy named Ron Brownstein who I really know very little about.  But as I'm watching, I notice a framed picture on the book shelf over his left shoulder that looks familiar.  It's the one below.  Bruce fans are everywhere. 


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Got a question for you all.  Do you think this is Steven in the photo below (kneeling, second from left, white shirt)?

The background of the photo is that this is from 1980, at the recording sessions for the Iron City Houserockers (Joe Grushecky's former band) great second album Have A Good Time (But Get Out Alive).  Steven helped produce the album along with Mick Ronson and Ian Hunter (standing far left, next to Grushecky) and others.  It's hard to tell if it is Steven, given that there are so few photos of him without a hat/bandana.  But that receding hairline makes me think it's him.  Opinions?


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Ears are probably the most distinctive feature, and they don't change.  That fellow's ears seem to stick out more than Steve's do.



This REALLY made me laugh though:  :lol:


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I was listening to the 8/6/84 show the other day. 

Boy, Bruce was chatty Kathy though this show! ( Glory Days, Used Cars, Pink Caddy)

I know legend that has been proven wrong so many different times on how long a Bruce show is, 4 hours+, which we all know has only happened twice or three times at the most. Wonder how long this show is if you remove all Bruce's talking? 

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