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Random Thoughts + Discussion: Springsteen edition

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Well I have had it with marriage and I don`t think I could kill anyone so that just leaves the middle one, Bruce without a dought, Steve if he kept his lovely dark eyes open and Southside I will have to get back to you on that one but don`t hold your breath.

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Oh dear my favourite shoe shop and it's sister companies are going i to receivership

I feel responsible

I used to spend a way lot of money on shoes but since Bruce I can't afford shoes and Bruce 

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I think there should be a rock and roll remake of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves with the little fellas renamed Bruce, Steve, Clarence, Roy, Garry, Danny and Max.

Patti can play Snow White. She's got creamy skin.

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3 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

Backstreets played by Bruce solo on acoustic guitar. 

Why doesn't it exist?

Well, Paolo, and I wouldn't do this for just anyone ;), but you *can* have it on solo piano:


(of course, if you meant "Thunder Road - where Mary climbed in - that we can do on guitar, but she's Chrissie back then :) )


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Today marks 33 years since the release of the Born in the USA album. Soooooooo that means we got a tweet from Bruce and with that some interesting responses highlighting misinterpretation of the song!! 

We have some positive examples of this, e.g. one lad responds saying, "I'm not American, but it's my favourite ever song."

And we also have some negative examples of misinterpretation, i.e., "Who knew he'd turn out to be a liberal antiAmerican POS?", because let's be honest, the lyrics are so pro-America.

But in all honesty, these responses aren't that important. They can give us a laugh, but what's more important is the fact that this album is arguably the reason a lot of people are members of this forum in the first place. Where would some be had they never heard the title track, or heard/watched Dancing in the Dark? We can moan about predictability sometimes when the BITUSA tracks are played at shows - cough DARLINGTON COUTNY AND WORKING ON THE HIGHWAY cough but a majority of these songs are the crux of Bruce's mainstream foundations and the reason we have it as good as we do. Thank God we have it.

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