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United now lit up, a shot from behind the Best Law Charlton statue. 

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United roll on. To think this team is keeping pace with free scoring city and we've scored as many goals as them this season is some transformation from the paltry 54 goals we scored last season. 

Everton played really well to be fair and had they equalised it would have been deserved in the second half. But you always felt united had more gears to move into if needs be, which we did anyway.  

Joint top. Well, second on alphabetical order :rolleyes:

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Bad news for London area man u fans the m3 is closed due to hazardous material or possible bomb.... been reporting that traffic towards Southampton is apocalyptic  ...

The team and the evil one of course fly in by private jet so the game will go on

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On 9/24/2017 at 3:25 PM, AMIW said:

Evil One sent off for entering the field of play during the game! even when shown video of himself on the field he claims the camera angle is wrong :o

Complete nonsense...........if it had been Guardiola or Flopp they wouldn't have been sent off.

Seems the FA actually agree as no action taken.

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Another win scoring 4 goals. I see the critics are saying "but they haven't played anyone yet". In that respect we can't win, because even if we win at Anfield in our next game, critics will say we still haven't played anyone yet. 

All you can do is score goals and keep clean sheets. And both objectives are being met with plenty of confidence throughout the team. The bookies don't think there will be much of a title challenge beyond Manchester. 




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On 31/07/2017 at 7:10 PM, doesthisbusstop said:

I think the bookies prices are about right and it will be from the top 3. City have had the biggest overhaul of players so it will be interesting to see how they all gel. 




I dug out the pre-season odds and it's interesting to see how much has changed after just 7 games. 



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Good result. Doesn't matter whether LFC are ever in the top half or bottom half of the table, a point at Anfield you always take and move on.

City will play more openly at Anfield when they go there and usually get beaten there, so its definitely not two points dropped today. 

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13 hours ago, Mission Man in AZ said:

How can any Manchester United fan be happy with the way they played? It was the most boring side I've ever seen. Mourinho has spent 300 million pounds and that's what you get?

Everyone knows that Mourinho had a plan to keep it tight and then win it in the last 20 mins when the game opened up. He was banking on Klopp taking a risk to win it in the last 20 mins and then exploiting the space they left in midfield. Was it a crucial point? Ask me after 38 games if I’m happy with it.

What I do know is I’ve seen us play openly at Anfield plenty of times before and get beaten by LFC teams no better than this one. 

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