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Next Archive - Any Rumors?

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No-at least no rumours on this site (I don't know if on BTX).

But the fact that is not known when next show will be released and what show it will be is what makes this series so exiting and interesting.

Speculation after each release was always the next release would be likely from a tour from which nothing is released yet. But Helsinki shows this is not always true.

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3 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

It's a known fact that any theories/rumours end up completely false

That being said it's going to be this


Paolo my friend, your source is a bit off on this one. Correct city, but incorrect year.........1977!

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This show please in glorious HD pro mixed as an upgrade to the soundboard bootleg recording: 

Staples Center
Los Angeles, CA

Take'em As They Come
The Ties That Bind
Two Hearts
Adam Raised A Cain
Darkness On The Edge Of Town
The Promised Land
Independence Day
Murder Inc.
Out In The Street
10th Avenue Freeze-Out
Incident On 57th Street
For You
The Ghost Of Tom Joad
The Promise
Light Of Day
Born To Run
Thunder Road
If I Should Fall Behind
Land Of Hope And Dreams
Blinded By The Light

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Following the release of Philadelphia 2009, the Archival Download series will shift its attention even further back in time to cover more historic tours and performances. 



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Hartford was for me the highlight of the reunion tour - epic show with the most incendiary versions of some of the tour standards.  And the honky think woman intro!

That said, very excited by the thought of what is to come in terms of finally getting into the back catalogue proper!

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17 hours ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

That the one with the performance of The River with just Bruce and Soozie?

If so, I'd also love that show.

Yeah, that's the one! 

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17 hours ago, newcastle roy said:

What a fantastic day that was. 

The bootleg Dvd and Cd of that show is one of my all time favs

That was a cracking gig. 

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