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The River tour was my first show, Fall of 1980 in the dump that jumps. I was 12 years old and just purchased my first Van Halen records. My Mom had a fight with her boyfriend. So off I went with her. 

Seriously, don't open the spoiler if you want to be surprised on Friday.  

I'm sad.  Also, had a car crash today on my way home... slid down an icy road, straight into the back of a parked car.  So all round not very pleasing day.

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8 minutes ago, the imposter said:

If Darkness and Rising were football teams, that would probably be the final score ...

Sure, but I'd like to have some archive releases of that tour. 59 releases and only 1 Rising show. Even 92/93 has 2. 

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Listening to it right now... sounds great. Of course I've heard the Atlanta show before, but very happy to have this in optimum remixed quality. My first two Springsteen show experiences were Portland Oregon, Summer and Winter 1978, so I am of course partial to this era. I'd also love another Rising show, but frankly I'm eager for any shows, any era featuring Bruce with the E-Street band. Solo and Seeger sessions are nice, but today's release scratches an never-ending itch.

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7 hours ago, Promise61 said:

 As BTW said^, these FM shows are already out there in great quality already.

This indeed.

But. Due to bad weather conditions in the U.S.A. South during the radio broadcast, the sound quality of Atlanta was always a little bit less good than the other 4, at least initially [before sound upgrades]; this also reason this show was not as widely bootlegged over the years as the other 4; not as famous and well-known as the other 4. That's why Atlanta should have been the first 1978 radio show to be released, not the last. Which is a bit of a shame.

Edit: could also be a different if the mysterious second show in Atlanta the next day, 1 October 1978, was also released (assuming it was professionally recorded too). There is only a partial audience tape in circulation (only first set, ending hallfway Jungleland) described as 'horrible', one of the worst, if not the worst, recordings of the entire Darkness Tour. Setlist is far from standard too (from Brucebase; the unknown song is very likely Fire):

Setlist incomplete and may be incorrect.'


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6 hours ago, Born To Walk said:

Atlanta 1978 confirmed

Do not understand the lack of love for another darkness show

I was 7 in 1978

I need to visit every show ! 

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5 hours ago, the imposter said:

JFC, Springsteen "fans" bitchin' & moanin' about a Darkness show being officially released. No wonder the world's a fucked-up place ...

Post of 2020 !

This proves how fucked up the world really is right now ! 

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Just now, Daisey Jeep said:

Now that makes me sad

As said on previous pages: last Darkness radio show to be released. Not last Darkness Tour show. Let's hope there are a few professional recordings and/or soundboards of some lesser-known 1978 shows (like Berkely 1 July 1978, from which only a partial soundboard is in cirulation with the first and last part of the show, missing the middle (most of the second set); one can assume Bruce Inc. owns the complete show).

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Just now, Lampi said:

As said on previous pages: last Darkness radio show to be released. Not last Darkness Tour show. Let's hope there are a few professional recordings and/or soundboards of some lesser-known 1978 shows (like Berkely 1 July 1978, from which only a partial soundboard is in cirulation with the first and last part of the show, missing the middle (most of the second set); one can assume Bruce Inc. owns the complete show).

Phew ! 

I hope so too

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To those who have already downloaded this show I am guessing that this is considered an improvement from previously available versions? Somehow the words "Mixed by Jon Altschiller and mastered by Adam Ayan" fill me with dread based on some previous experiences. Mr Altschiller seems to sometimes forget that there are any guitarists on stage in the E Street Band and Mr Ayan is often intent on brickwalling the sound beyond belief.

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I am so grateful that this Archive series exists. I hope and pray that it continues and keeps the pace up since I ain't getting any younger.

I was also really hoping for another tour in which every show again gets released. I'm optimistic that this may happen but also have an uncertainty about it at the same time. Bruce too ain't getting any younger.

Still hoping we get some BTR and pre-BTR shows.

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On 9/19/2020 at 9:43 PM, Paolo's Circus Story said:

------------------------- END OF FIRST FRIDAY - RIPIP-------------------------------------------------------
36. (Friday, 21st August, 2020) 4:51pm - November 11th, 2006 - London, UK (Wembo '06) (5:51pm, CET; 8:51am, PST; 11:51am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday, 3rd July, 2020) 4:53pm - September 25th, 1999 - Philadelphia, PA (5:53pm, CET; 8:53am, PST; 11:53am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday, 12th June, 2020) 4:38pm - June 25th, 2005 - Stockholm, SE - (5:38pm, CET; 8:38am, PST; 11:38am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday, 1st May, 2020) 4:50pm - July 9th, 1981 - East Rutherford, NJ - (5:50pm, CET; 8:50am, PST; 11:50am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday, 3rd April, 20204:47pm - Gothenburg #2 2012 - (5:47pm, CET; 8:47am, PST; 11:47am, EST) [CFT Review]
31. (Friday, 6th March, 20204:57pm - Detroit 1988 - (5:57pm, CET; 8:57am, PST; 11:57am, EST) [CFT Review]
30. (Friday, 7th February, 2020) 4:56pm - Nassau 2009(5:56pm, CET; 8:56am, PST; 11:46am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday, 20th December, 2019) 4:58pm - Winterland '78 x2 - (5:58pm, CET; 8:58am, PST; 11:48am, EST) [CFT Reviews 15 + 16]
28. (Friday, 1st November, 2019) 3:55pm November 24th, 1996 - Asbury Park, NJ - (4:55pm, CET; 7:55am, PST; 10:55am, EST) [CFT Review]
27. (Friday, 11th October, 2019) 3:12pm - 23/10/99 - Los Angeles, CA - (4:12pm, CET; 7:12am, PST; 10:12am, EST) [CFT Review]
26. (Friday, 6th September, 2019) 4:46pm - 19/9/78 - Passaic, NJ - (5:46pm, CET; 8:46am, PST; 11:46am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday, 9th August, 2019) 4:59pm - Bridge School Benefit '86 - (5:59pm, CET; 8:59am, PST; 11:59am, EST) [CFT Review
------------------------- END OF FIRST FRIDAY AS WE KNOW IT WITH SIX DELAYS SINCE AUGUST 2019-------------------------------------
24. (Friday, 5th July, 20194:52pm - 29/12/80 and remixed 31/12/80 - (5:52pm, CET; 8:52am, PST; 11:52am, EST) [CFT Reviews 29 + 31]
23. (Friday 7th June, 2019) 4:57pm - 22/9/2012 - MetLife Stadium - (5:57pm, CET; 8:57am, PST; 11:57am, EST) [CFT Review]
22. (Friday 3rd May, 2019) 5:01pm - 25/7/1992 - NJ - (6:01pm, CET; 9:01am, PST; 12:01am, EST) [CFT Review]
 (Friday 5th April, 20194:42pm - 27/9/1985 - Los Angeles, CA - (5:42pm, CET; 8:42am, PST; 11:42am, EST) [CFT Review]
20. (Friday 1st March, 2019) 4:52pm - The Trenton 2005 Tour Finale - (5:52pm, CET; 8:52am, PST; 11:52am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday 1st February, 2019) 4:50pm - Tampa 2008 - (5:50pm, CET; 8:50am, PST; 11:50am, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday 4th January, 2019) 5:04pm -  MSG 1988 - (6:04pm, CET; 9:04am, PST; 12:04pm, EST) [CFT Review]
(Monday 24th December, 2018) 5:47pm - No Nukes shows - (6:47pm, CET; 9:47am, PST; 12:47pm, EST) [CHRISTMAS BONUS 2K18] [CFT Review]
17. (Friday 7th December, 20184:47pm - The Roxy 18/10/75 - (5:47pm, CET; 8:47am, PST; 11:47am, EST) [CFT Review]
16. (Friday 9th November, 20184:50pm - Leeds 2013 - (5:50pm, CET; 8:50am, PST; 11:50am, EST) [CFT Review]
. (Friday 5th October, 2018) 4:48pm - THE SURPRISING FROM HELSINKI 2003 - (5:58pm, CET; 8:48am, PST; 11:48am, EST) [CFT Review]
. (Friday 7th September, 2018) 5:02pm - Chicago '99 - (6:02pm, CET; 9:02am, PST; 12:02pm, EST) [CFT Review]
(Friday 3rd August, 20184:49pm - Wembo '81 - (5:49pm, CET; 8:49am, PST; 11:49am, EST) [CFT Review]
12. (Friday 6th July, 20184:47pm - The Roxy '78 - (5:47pm, CET; 8:47am, PST; 11:47am, EST) [CFT Review]
11. (Friday 1st June, 20184:49pm - MSG 2009 - (5:49pm, CET; 8:49am, PST; 11:49am, EST) [CFT Review]
10. (Friday 4th May, 20184:58pm - Freehold '96 - (5:58pm, CET; 8:58am, PST; 11:58am, EST) [CFT Review]
9. (Friday 6th April, 20184:45pm - Boston 2007 - (5:45pm, CET; 8:45am, PST; 11:45am, EST) [CFT Review]
8. (Friday 2nd March, 20184:45pm - Meadowlands, 20/8/84 - (5:45pm, CET; 8:45am, PST; 11:45am, EST) [CFT Review]
7. (Friday 2nd February, 20184:50pm - Grand Rapids 2005 - (5:50pm, CET; 8:50am, PST; 11:50am, EST) [CFT Review]
6. (Friday 5th January, 20184:47pm - Brendan Byrne '93 - (5:47pm, CET; 8:47am, PST; 11:47am, EST) [CFT Review]
- (Friday 22nd December, 20174:51pm - Passaic '78 - (5:51pm, CET; 8:51am, PST; 11:51am, EST) [CHRISTMAS BONUS 2K17] [CFT Review]
5. (Friday 1st December, 20173:54pm - Jazzfest, N'AWLINS 2006 - (4:54pm, CET; 7:54am, PST; 10:54am, EST) [CFT Review]
4. (Friday 3rd November, 20176:54pm - Stockholm 3/7/88 - (7:54pm, CET; 10:54am, PST; 1:54pm, EST) [CFT Review]
3. (Friday 6th October, 20177:49pm - MSG 1/7/2000 - (8:49pm, CET; 11:49am, PST; 2:49pm, EST) [CFT Review]
- (Wednesday 20th September, 20175:10pm - Houston '78 - (6:10pm, CET; 9:10am, PST; 12:10pm, EST) [BONUS FOR MUSICARES] [CFT Review]
2. (Friday 1st September, 20175:45pm - Belfast 1996 - (6:45pm, CET; 9:45am, PST; 12:45pm, EST) [CFT Review]
1. (Friday 4th August, 20178:08pm - Albany and Rochester, 1977 - (9:08pm, CET; 12:08pm, PST; 3:08pm, EST) - [START OF FIRST FRIDAY] [CFT Review]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

  • (Thursday 13th July, 20178:10pm - Philly '09 - (9:10pm, CET; 12:10pm, PST; 3:10pm, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Tuesday 23rd May, 20174:40pm - Helsinki 2012 - (5:40pm, CET; 8:40am, PST; 11:40am, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Friday 14th April, 20173:16pm - St Louis 2008 - (4:16pm, CET; 7:16am, PST; 10:16am, EST) [EASTER SPECIAL 2K17] [CFT Review]
  • (Friday 23rd December, 20167:56pm - Buffalo '09 - (8:56pm, CET; 11:56am, PST; 2:56pm, EST) [CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2K16] [CFT Review]
  • (Wednesday 1st June, 2016) 4:13pm - The Christic Shows - (5:13pm, CET; 8:13am, PST; 11:13am, EST) [Worth mentioning that 2016 saw the release of 75 shows from the ongoing River Tour 2016] [CFT Review]
  • (Thursday 24th December, 2015) 8:42am - Ten tracks from Tempe 1980 - (9:42am, CET; 12:42am, PST; 3:42am, EST) [Technically the CHRISTMAS BONUS 2K15] [CFT Review - Full Show]
  • (Friday 18th December, 2015) 7:45pm - Rome 2013 remixed - (8:45pm, CET; 11:45am, PST; 2:45pm, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Thursday 12th November, 2015) 1:56am - Rome 2013 - (2:56am, CET; 5:56pm, PST; 8:56pm, EST)
  • (Friday 25th September, 20156:20pm - Columbus 05 - (7:20pm, CET; 10:20am, PST; 1:20pm, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Wednesday 8th July, 20157:57pm - LA 1988 - (8:57pm, CET; 11:57am, PST; 2:57pm, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Wednesday 11th May, 2015) 2:21pm - Meadowlands 05.08.84. - (3:21pm, CET; 6:21am, PST; 9:21am, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Wednesday 25th March, 2015) 2:51pmNassau NYE 1980 - (3:51pm, CET; 6:51am, PST; 9:51am, EST)
  • (Tuesday 10th February, 2015) 10:18amUpper Darby '75 - (11:18am, CET; 2:18am, PST; 5:18am, EST) [CFT Review]
  • (Tuesday 23rd December, 20148:18pm - The Agora '78 - (9:18pm, CET; 12:18pm, PST; 3:18pm, EST) [CHRISTMAS SPECIAL 2K14] [CFT Review]
  • (Monday 17th November, 20148:40pm - Apollo 2012 - (9:40pm, CET; 12:40pm, PST; 3:40pm, EST) [START OF ARCHIVE SERIES] [CFT Review]

First times shown are GMT, Apollo and Agora are the same thread, Agora release page linked. 


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18 minutes ago, doesthisbusstop said:

Fireman....a Rising tour show? 

Hurricane...was it not very bad weather, with a heavy storm, in London...

....the day of....Wembley 2002?:ph34r:

(Not a joke, it was really bad weather that day in London I think, remembering from reading an eye-witness report of the show).

Edit, after reading previous post: Breakway's suggestion, posted while I was writing and posting this, is better; firemen would -maybe- also be a little bit too obvious for a Rising show.


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26 minutes ago, Breakaway said:

Could be a 1977 show.

Firemen and angels are mentioned in the middle of 1977 "Backstreets."

...hurricane....wish God would send some angels (angels indeed) to BLOW this whole town into the sea...

Edit: thinking about songs with 'angels' in the lyrics, first thought was Sandy. But that could be almost any tour (with a few exceptions). Second thought was The Angel, which would be London 1996.

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