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Holy cow a woman doctor

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I'm not a avid Doctor fan. Last night's reboot was good tv.

Can they keep it going? The actors, especially the doc did their bit. Will the writers have the scripts? I hope so.

Long may the doc continue to keep sofa sales up!

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Ann you should check out some of the episodes you missed for instance Dinosaurs on a Spaceship is one of the best episodes ever and I've been watching since well pretty much since the Daleks first showed up and probably traumatised me for ever.

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I will give that one a go. I was an avid fan, right back to the beginning (hiding behind sofa, obviously) and was really pleased when it returned with Christopher Ecclestone, who I thought was great, if somewhat short lived! I just got a bit irritated with Matt Smith, although I watched a few, and the same with Peter Capaldi. These are both actors I admire and I don't think it was their portrayal of the Doctor which I didn't like, it was the stories just being far too complicated. I know we are not supposed to understand everything, but I like to have some clue as to what is going on! 

Anyway, I am back, firmly hooked, with this new season!

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ive watched half of it

from under the bedclothes in the dark

with all of me under the blankets and no part of me sticking out of the bed

but it got too scary 

that big Hershey kiss thing was typical weird doctor who

the train was really scary

any way what ive seen was pretty good

i need to buy a new sofa to watch the rest

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3 hours ago, AMIW said:

so you stopped before seeing the Tooth Fairy?


but ill watch it on tv tonight

on the big screen in my slightly spooky house

with every.light on in the house

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Got round to watching the first episode last night,a great start,back to the Matt Smith kind of quirky humour that seemed so sadly missing under Capaldi,any worries of how a woman doctor would fit have been quickly sorted by both the quality of writing* & the acting,not a fan of heights so the crane was scary,always suspected there were aliens wandering around Sheffield.

* Though if you throw your bike off a peak don't expect to wander down & find it in a tree in one piece ready to ride.

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