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Hi everyone,

If you have not received anything from TM please check your junk mail folder. That's where I found my "selected" e-mail.

Of course, they've selected a lot more people than will be able to get tickets. Until proven otherwise, selected to me means "We at Ticketmaster would like to get your hopes up so we can cut you down at the last minute. Sucker". Landau actually has access to the cameras on all our computers (hence the reason they are pushing you to the computer rather than the app) (only those with whom he has computer access were selected) and he's getting out the popcorn to watch our frustration at getting zilch. Next tour we'll need to pay to become verified to then not get tickets. More fun for him.

(Shame he didn't do this at one of the larger theaters - some are more than twice as large as Kerr).

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