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You'll like this Ann. WBA fans were heard singing this to the tune of The Beautiful South's Rotterdam "They've been to Rotherham and everywhere Liverpool and Rome Now they're throwing ca

An absolute disgrace last night, an offside goal and a very, very dubious dodgy penalty once again favouring the "top six" team...whatever the manager gets fined I am sure he will see it as money well

McGinn had a great game, I lost count of the amount of times he went into tackles with 2,3 & sometimes 4 Derby players around him and he still came away with the ball at his feet, must be 1st name

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Always had a wee soft spot for Villa.


My best mate, now ten years dead sadly, was a lifelong Dons fan like me.

But when he was a kid/young teenager his Dad's work took him to Brum for, what, a year or two.

During that time he became a Villan, he was at Villa Park for THAT game against Liverpool (when was that.....77 ish?).

So I always keep an eye out for their results.....and of course big Neale Cooper had a stint there.

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That's the fella


Blackie (my late pal) raved about that night to me so often.


Nealie C had a heart attack not so long ago, but he's now.on the mend.

My old games teacher's (who, occasionally, modelled himself on the guy from "Kes") claim to fame was tat he sent Neale Cooper off twice.

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8 hours ago, Highway is alive tonight said:

Age happens to us all


It does that, but Coop's nae 54 until November.


He's four months younger than me......... I think the reason is that when he was a young lad breaking into the Aberdeen 1st team he was very much the lad about town.


Good looking, mop of curly blond hair, he was a regular at a place called "Champers" just outside Aberdeen and could have had pretty much any woman that took his fancy.


Now he ......well .......looks like me!!!!

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