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8 hours ago, Royston Vasey said:

I did read that Josés salary will be £8Mpa presumably with top ups for winning trophies and top 4 finishes etc, and on a 3.5 year contract expiring mid 2023.

Everything will naturally implode and combust before then, it’s just a question of when (!), whereupon Levy will have to pay up the remainder of the contract to José.....and his merry band of bag carriers.

It really is a most extraordinary appointment, and surely the Levy/José will soon become toxic.

Already announced, no money to spend in January......not the type of playing field José likes.

Then there is the style of football.....Spurs fans at The Lane will be dreading actually going one up too early in games......as José then packs the defence, parks the bus, and digs in for a hard fought one nil victory. It will be desperate viewing !


2 hours ago, High As Hope said:

The team selection for the CL final has certainly been sitting on Pochettino's shoulder ever since & maybe time had run its course for him but as per usual it's the fans that will suffer from the resultant car crash that's pretty much bound to happen from here on with the grumpy one,it's a pity that in these days of player power someone like Kane doesn't call a press conference & say he's not playing for the club while this idiot is in charge,whilst Poch may not have won a trophy he's left the club in a much better state than when he took over which is basically the opposite of what the grumpy one does.

I guess it depends on what you want as a fan,short term success v long term stability.

The grumpy one has one of the best average points per game ratios in PL history,the trouble is that in Pep & Klopp there are currently 2 managers with better ratios.

Spurs had a bunch of crappy choices. Replace now, or later? If not now, then at a loss of the season the way things were going. Delay until the summer, however, may open up alternatives not available now. If now, then interim or permanent? If interim, likely no better than Poch, and probably actually worse. If you're not improving the result on the field and in the table then why do it at all. I had read trial balloons floated for Chris Hughton, for example. As much as I like him and his ties to the clubs past, he probably was a stop-gap at best. 

Once you choose "Now" and "not interim" then you are left with available. Not many of sufficient stature to take on this challenge, managers with reputations and skills commensurate with what the team believes themselves to be. It's pointless to throw out names of managers of teams actively in competition - Eddie Howe, Brendan Rogers, Rafa, the RB Leipzig manager. There is no reasonable compensation number (i.e., any one that Levy might actually pay) that would pry any of those names loose.

The one point that resonates with me is that José knows that this is his last rodeo in the EPL. This will be the final entry in his biographical ledger. There is no fallback position, no other team that could offer one more chance to burnish his legacy. This is the hill on which he will die, metaphorically, or raise the flag in victory. I'm obviously hoping the latter. Time will tell.

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Pure class by EFC  

I was born in York and have watched York City for over 35 years though thin and thinner.  Last year we were relegated to the 6th tier of English football for the first time ever. Hard times. 

Posted Images

While WHU looks pathetic, I'm really pleased with the lineup and the first half. Getting Dele in form, in the middle, is huge - he and Kane and Son have always had great chemistry IMO. That's what drew me to become a fan in the first place. And I'm very happy to see Lucas back starting, as I think that he and Son together offer so much pace to threaten defenses.

It's only 45 minutes, but it's never too early to start well. The game Tuesday against Olympiacos is actually pretty important, as a win guarantees KO stage matches.

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1 hour ago, newcastle roy said:

This is what football is all about, superb and a must watch 


José on a charm offensive. Not only did he go out of his way to appreciate this ball boy's efforts during the original play, both immediately after the play but also later during the press conference, but he then invited him to this pre-match meal, with the obvious result. After seeing this, now the team will invite a different ball boy/girl to each pre-match meal at home games. Just wonderful.

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27 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

Do you think the bus will be late getting there? 

They deliberately chose a budget hotel that allowed a non-congested route to the stadium so as to avoid that issue ;)

ETA link: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-7748587/Jose-Mourinho-Tottenham-stay-budget-70-night-hotel-Manchester-United-game.html

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