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Come on you Spurs!


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1 hour ago, AMIW said:

Jim has the evil cheese said anything about whether he will let the team go on holiday or whether they are staying and playing in the fa cup replay?

They will play, at home, enthusiastically. Part of tuning up for the UCL game against RB Leipzig a few days later. They also know that the winner hosts Norwich in round 5, a favorable draw, and José believes the FA Cup a worthy trophy to pursue (and certainly his only realistic one this season).

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2 minutes ago, AMIW said:

Sterling should be banned for the season

and Mike Dean should be prohibited from officiating another Spurs game - bad history

and the VAR official (Kevin Friend?) should never again be assigned to that

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38 minutes ago, AMIW said:

Jj must be not watching... but I think we can all agree that sterling, Mike dean and var should be terminated

i,d get rid of the evil cheese too

I'm watching, so much to say. 

Why do you guys want Sterling off, he hit the net from the 6 yard box.

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14 minutes ago, Growin' Up said:

Ahh, the banter between one glory hunting yank and another glory hunting yank.  Legendary. 


7 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

@JimCT, I think he's talking to you. 

Couldn't be. No one has ever called a Spurs fan a glory hunter :D 

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