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Come on you Spurs!

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1 hour ago, dr winston oboogie said:

Firstly the stadium is just fantastic and the hospitality was first class, only downside is how far the stadium is from the nearest underground station, when we were in Milan to see Bruce a few years ago they had just started to build a new underground station right outside the stadium, this is badly needed here, although THFC do have a free bus scheme from a nearby undergournd station, but this has to be pre-booked. Obviously every thing is new so it looks great but there is certainly a quality about the construction which should mean it will retain its "newness" for quite some time, and just on that new theme, the staff are more than helpful but they too are still coming to terms with how "their system" works and there were some small issues with service and billing, but nothing too serious, in fact it meant we got a free round in, and for some reason I did not notice until we were going home after the match.;) Had a mouth watering three course meal with wine and beer before the game, great seats on the halfway line 16 rows from the touchline, free beer and snacks at half time, and a few jars whilst watching the cup final in the lounge after the game, all courtesy of THFC, thank you so much. 

As for the match, for a near 60,000 crowd the atmosphere for the most part was pretty poor, the better team won, Wolves had no passengers and ALL their players worked their sock off to come from behind twice to get the win, Spurs carried a few players and over the course of the match this was not good enough to get a win. I would have to conclude that IMHO the product is far overpriced and how a mum and dad with young children, wanting to see their team each week, could afford it is beyond me.

Thanks for the report. Happy you enjoyed your visit - come back often!

Now to improve the product on the pitch to be worthy of the venue.

I think you describe the dilemma facing today's professional sports. The clubs must have larger transactions in order to finance all the associated activities. To justify charging more they have to provide more (albeit not proportionally more, they actually increase gross margins, I believe). You end up with a modern, refined, escalated product, a far cry from what those of us experienced decades ago, when it was little more than the product on the field, with handsome but not extravagant wages for the players. I remember when I first went to the new Yankee Stadium, and talked about it with an older usher who had been at the old park as well (which I first wen to to watch the '61 Yankees :)). I asked him how he felt about the new place, and he said, "This is a fine stadium. But the old place was a BALLPARK!" I understood completely - sterile almost in the new place (maybe that will change with age), versus filled with ghosts and legends and memories in the old.

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Pure class by EFC  

I was born in York and have watched York City for over 35 years though thin and thinner.  Last year we were relegated to the 6th tier of English football for the first time ever. Hard times. 

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8 hours ago, AMIW said:

Dier goes into the crowd to confront a fan


surely the fa will get around to charging him 

It was not me, I promise !!!!!!



Although he was one of the passengers they carried on Sunday.

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1 hour ago, dr winston oboogie said:

I think his wife was on the treatment table though...;)

Well that wasn't right!!!:D

Hey Dr. you could have put that little statement in the Spit your Coffee out thread!!!:D

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