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Come on you Spurs!

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I was born in York and have watched York City for over 35 years though thin and thinner.  Last year we were relegated to the 6th tier of English football for the first time ever. Hard times. 

Pure class by EFC  

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1 hour ago, Jimmy James said:

Didn't see this match, I take it Jose let loss the reigns. 

No, Spurs defended solidly, Lloris made some good saves, and they counter-attacked ruthlessly. Spurs had <30% possession ;)


highlights in a 10 minute video - the goals are at ~2:00, ~5:30, and ~6:45. That first Kane goal was after an ~80 yd run. The hammy is healed, I think.  The shot for Kane's second was just a thing of beauty. Lloris's saves are at ~4 min and ~9 min.


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......and any Spurs fan watching the FA Cup final.

If Arsenal win it, they get a Europa League spot I think at the expense of Spurs (assuming for the purposes of these calculations that the current league positions end up as the final ones).

3 Europa League spots up for grabs.....League Cup winners, FA Cup winners and 5th spot......but as Man C won the League Cup, 6th then qualifies for the EL as City are going CL.

This then becomes 7th if CFC win the FA Cup as like City they go CL.

I think this then becomes 8th if either Wolves or Man U win the current EL (as that gets CL qualification) and CFC win the FA Cup.

All should unravel at some stage in the not too distant future.


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1 hour ago, AMIW said:

Glamorous Thursday night footie for the evil cheese

@JimCTwon’t need to worry about the fa cup final now

Well, Spurs fans root for two teams - Sours, and whoever is playing Arsenal. Plus, Chelsea winning is better for our Europa league prospects. 


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2 hours ago, AMIW said:

on the other end of the spectrum the evil cheese dispatches
Parrott sentto Millwall on loan for the season

Kane did a stint at Milwall too, apparently relative proximity was a factor. The kid needs playing time, so this seems a good option, and he seems pleased. I actually asked the Spurs primary reporter if the loan agreement had a recall clause - no answer yet.

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