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Come on you Spurs!

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It is really a shame that the game v Marine AFC is behind closed doors. They sound like delightful people. 


Both dugouts are down a narrow stretch of pitch directly behind houses on Rossett Road, with fencing numbered along the side so ball boys and girls know which door to knock on if the ball lands in a garden.

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Pure class by EFC  

I was born in York and have watched York City for over 35 years though thin and thinner.  Last year we were relegated to the 6th tier of English football for the first time ever. Hard times. 

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On 1/9/2021 at 12:53 AM, AMIW said:

Evil cheese buys marine. Raffle ticket .. winerbgets to manage marine for a day


there are so many punch lines here....

Am I imagining it, or has he lightened up a bit since going to Spurs?

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26 minutes ago, Born To Walk said:


I can't find the tweet right now, but the Marine player that got Reguilon's shirt asked via social media if he would sign it, and he said of course. Along with a comment to the effect that it's not big stadiums that make football special, it's the intimacy and fans and players at places like Marine. Nice. 

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