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Hello everyone

im new member to this forum

i dont know how it works


ive been Depeche Mode collector over 25 years and member of the ultimate depeche mode collecting site *depmod.com*

which like home and easy to understand, and this is my first  post to this site and i dont know how it works

i have a spare copy on ebay from the Greek Rare 7" for sale which you can view it here


for any people intersted to this vinyl im here to give any info.


PS: please if not allowed to sell records to this forum or topic, please my delete my post


thank you


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..everyone is right in this topic,...


the truth is...i sold this record


1st time......$3,500.00

2nd time...$4,250.00

3rd time.....$2,000.00 and the record was fair..almost broken

....people can offer 1,00 dollar for this....its their right..and my right is to sell is $4,000.00

.....im not gonna die if this record wont sell.....i have sold the rarest records in the world

some of them $6,000.00 or more.....you can check for me in the Record Collector magazine..2015 march Issue

about Depeche Mode special i did.......godflesh200272/Evangelos Zaoutsos..........



also in a 1-2 back issues my both Bruce Springsteens auctions were featured.........


thanks iny way............good luck to anyone

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