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Still Missing Some Bootlegs


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As per a previous post, Apple ate all of boots and thanks to a few helpful Lakers and some burning CDs on my own, I got most of my music back. I also learned my lesson and now have the files backed up to Dropbox. I'm still missing a few key shows that are very personal since my kids were there and up close. Does anyone have the following shows?

Newark May 2, 2012 (that's the Bishop Danced show)

Izod Center April 3, 2012

Izod Center April 4, 2012 

Met Life Stadium Sep 19, 2012

Met Life Stadium Sep 21, 2012 (I'm downloading 9/22 show right now)

Thanks. I did try Jungleland and couldn't find audios of those shows. I think I downloaded them from Jungleland back in 2012.

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