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14 hours ago, Lampi said:

Was the Freehold show, the release of the first Friday of May 2018, not mixed as late as April 2018? So it seems there is -maybe- a little room for last-minute decisions.

A few years ago there was also a delay in the then-about-six-weeks-between-releases because they  'changed horses in mid-stream' [apparently a release of a Joad show was postponed then at the last minute, in favour of something else]. But that was before the current every-first-Friday-of-the-month schedule.

Yeah, I'm pretty sure that was the first D&D tour show that was released instead of the postponed Joad show. I remember a tweet or a blog post or something from Nugs detailing the switch with the indication that the change was requested by Bruce himself (or at least Bruce Inc).

I'd be surprised also if there weren't at least two or three shows ready for release at any given time, with at least another being worked on. So the scenario where they may have one planned for release early in the month but then finish off another later in the month and release tgat next instead is not implausible IMO

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