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Kinda profile help, posting or something, man I dont have a clue!

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I see when people post, at the bottom they have  a pre filled bit, how do I do this please? :lol: I have no idea. I thought I had done it correct, I went into edit profile, profile fields. here is a screenshot of what I was hoping would happen:


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I used to have a great one with a Smiley like the one below representing each band member. Unfortunately a restriction was imposed in one of the site upgrades so that only one image is allowed.



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On 6/27/2018 at 6:10 AM, Born To Walk said:

Lett's have a go at recreating it. I can then screenshot it as a new signature.


  m0833.gif m0823.gifh26003.gif h25043.gifm0848.gif 

   h29006.gifh25029.gif  m0814.gif h25021.gifm0838.gif

this is gorgouse 

im bumping it

of course nobody just pops in here for the hell of it 

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