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3 hours ago, Scott Peterson said:

So. Because I'm always a day late and a dollar short, I just got finished listening to this amazing release now. And I realized I might not even have listened to the famous radio broadcast in...well, this century. So this was almost kinda sorta new to me.

And a few things really jumped out, such as how tasty Garry's playing can be; he's always tasteful, but there are times when, especially in the earlier days, he'd let loose with a little run or something and it's just gorgeous.

Also, how much less accurate and more balls-the-wall Max was; his tempos really could be pretty...stretchy, but damn if he didn't give it all his all, and it's really interesting to listen to his progression from being much more Keith Moon to much more Ringo these days.

That may be the most powerful "Independence Day" I can recall hearing.

Bruce wasn't wrong when he said it took them years to learn how to play "Born to Run" live; I love the version on here but it really does seem like they only barely have it down (which gives it a delightful edge).

And it all ends with one of the few times I've enjoyed him covering "Twist and Shout"—usually I love him putting his own stamp on things, but the Latin feel he's generally gravitated towards just doesn't work for me, and it's less the arrangement than his own vocal stylings. So having a more traditional take on it is awesome to me and a fantastic way to cap a fantastic show. 

Now I really want Roxy '75...

Great review/observation.


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On 7/12/2018 at 9:35 AM, unclejosh said:

Also one of the 2016 River shows was redone by Altschiller after the poor reception the one done by Toby Scott received.  It was even given away free I think?  I want to say Pittsburgh or maybe Chicago?


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