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Female covers of Bruce songs

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In “No Surrender”, the dreams and promises of which Springsteen had been suspect of for so long are welcome friends once again. And if a statement like “We learned more from a three-minute record, baby, then we ever learned in school” is outrageous, well, so is “All you need is love.” Sometimes, willful naivete can get you through the day when reality is too harsh. “No Surrender” is, in many ways, a big ball of naivete, and no less thrilling for it.

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I notice a trend in most of these covers. Slow it down, pour on the emotional angst, be very serious. Not a lot of rockin' women here. I suppose if you already have a musical connection to any of these women I can see why their covers would have some appeal but to me they're kind of generic. Not bad by any means but nothing I can get a hold on to.

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44 minutes ago, Paolo's Circus Story said:

Jennifer Nettles has a class voice man, haven't heard her sing something I didn't like. 


Funny. I haven’t heard her sing anything that didn’t make my skin crawl. It’s the over-the-top drawl that does it.

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