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The Official 2018/19 Premier League Thread

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Just two and a half weeks until it all begins again. 

Can City be the first side to retain the title since United’s 2007/8/9 team? Will LFC end their 29 year wait? 

Who will make the top 4, who will go down? 9 months of action is soon to return.  

A reminder of the current ‘Roll of Honour’. 



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for diversion, this pic from the Bundesliga has gone viral - that fan has mad skills  

Surely his downward spiral cannot continue that far.


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14 minutes ago, JudgeBrown said:

I feel like we just unpinned the 2017/18 edition.

as opposed to the NFL thread which is permanently pinned even though there has been no game for 6 months and none to be played for at least another month???

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Just now, dr winston oboogie said:

1. Manchester City

2. 19 Teams playing to get to 40 points.

City will deservedly be favs after last season. 

But at this stage they’ve only won the PL twice more than Leicester and Blackburn, and are yet to retain it. 

The next two weeks will determine the chances of the big 6. But I would be surprised if City, United and Chelsea did not finish in the top 4. 

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10 hours ago, Perisic said:

Our time has come.

You’ve got every reason to feel confident. No LFC fan would believe you could be 6 points behind united again this season. 

It’s a bit too soon for Klopp to have a season like his last at Dortmund. 

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The 2018 World Cup showed the quality that the English Premier League has with 41 players out of the 91 involved in the World Cup Semi finals playing their football in England.

(Spurs had the most players with 9,Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea each had 7,Liverpool, Barcelona, PSG and Monaco all had 4...)

it's not like the leagues in Spain, Germany France Italy and Scotland:D where the same team or one of two teams can actually win their league.  

This season however I think a very rare thing will happen :o Man City will win the Premier League again. 

If Liverpool's new players hit the ground running they will be the nearest challengers to Man City

But all of the top teams have class players all through their teams so it would be no surprise if Man Utd, Spurs Chelsea and Arsenal all give Man City a run for their money.

I'll go for

1st Man City

2nd Liverpool

3rd Man Utd

4th Spurs

5th Chelsea

6th Arsenal.


Teams to go down ? 

I think three from Cardiff, Huddersfield Newcastle United :( Brighton Crystal Palace and Bournemouth  will battle it out. Wolves and Fulham have bought well i reckon both of them will be safe and cause lots of surprise results 


18th Brighton or Newcastle 

19th Huddersfield

20th Cardiff

One thing is guaranteed for sure the English Premier League, home of  World Cup Semi Finalists England will be the most entertaining most watched worldwide league...again.


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Will this season herald the a period where the Prem becomes like most of the other European leagues in that you can name the winners before the season even starts.

I don't think many predicted such a one horse race at the start of last season but Pep obviously learned from the previous season in a way others hadn't,not least that signing a decent keeper is a necessity,so this season for somebody else to win it City would have to basically implode,so is the top 6 going to become the top 1 with the other 5 fighting it out for the crumbs.

City - I can only see them improving,they have the best manager in the top 6 by a mile,would Delph have been in the England squad if playing under someone like Wenger? The only thing i'd question is where Mahrez is going to fit in the grand scheme of things.

Liverpool - They might be the team to get nearest to City though Klopp seems to raise more questions than answers,having a top class keeper is one of the first things to establish if you're going to win anything,Klopp said hey my keepers are fine & we all know where that led,so now he's paid 66 million to fill a position according to him didn't need filling 6 months ago + however good Allison might be if Klopp picks Alberto Moreno & 9 midfielders as the rest of the team then hes going to be in trouble especially if his we'll score one more than you philosophy continues,I hope Andrew has stocked up on stuffed toys over the summer.

Utd - I know Mr.Busstop still has alot of years of crowing before he starts to get worried how long it is since Utd won the title but surely the damage being done now by the grumpy one is going to have a lasting effect on the club,you have to admire what he's achieved over the last 15 years but somewhere along the line he's completely lost the plot,you know the film you're watching has a bad ending but you just don't know who's going to pull the trigger first.

Spurs - There are 2 major problems with Spurs,as much as you can understand the reluctance of Levy to get drawn into the crazy world of the transfer market at some point it's going to cost him his manager & eventually the one player team question will require an answer.

Chelsea & Arsenal - will be unknown factors this season with new managers,alot might depend on transfers in the next few days with half the Chelsea team seemingly wanting away or are targets,Arsenal might surprise if players can grow under the new manager.

Or maybe none of that will happen & Watford will have a new manager every game this season & will have the league won by Christmas.

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Lets make it a little bit nore interesting and have your predictions on which month Man City will win the title :-

My prediction is March...I was going to say February but I think Pep will put greater emphasis on the CL this season. (much to Roy`s disgust);)

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15 hours ago, dr winston oboogie said:

Lets make it a little bit nore interesting and have your predictions on which month Man City will win the title :-

My prediction is March...I was going to say February but I think Pep will put greater emphasis on the CL this season. (much to Roy`s disgust);)

A lot of people are talking up LFC’s title chances. But just like every PL season there has been, their best has never been good enough to win it. 



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20 hours ago, AMIW said:

Kroenke buys all of Arsenal - probably make them play in his new taxpayer funded yankeeball stadium in L.A or something?



Football is a romantic business, even for the most hard-headed oligarch. But being a minority shareholder with zero power can cool any ardor. 

Reminds me of the quote from John McMullen. He owned the NJ Devils hockey team, and was a limited partner in the NY Yankees. He struck a deal to buy the Houston Astros, so MLB rules required that he sell his stake in the Yankees. At the press conference he was asked, essentially, "How can you sell your limited partnership in the NY Yankees, the team of Ruth, and Gehrig, and Dimaggio, and Mantle, and Berra?" His simple reply: "There is nothing so limited as being a limited partner of George Steinbrenner." :D 

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