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New archive: Chicago 1999


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The link to the essay works now. 



It is hard to believe we are fast approaching 20 years since the Reunion tour commenced and the recommitment of Bruce Springsteen, the E Street Band and their many fans was validated night after night across the stages of Europe and the United States.

The archival download series has already given us perhaps the most famous show of the tour, closing night at Madison Square Garden in July 2000, a masterful performance that was appropriately conscious of its place as the culmination of the 132 concerts that came before it. Now, we get a markedly different slice of the Reunion tour and how sweet it is.

Taking nothing away from great shows in E. Rutherford, Philly, Boston and other cities which preceded it or memorable stands in Los Angeles and Oakland to follow, Chicago ‘99 is a barn burner. It actually gains potency from our collective and relative unfamiliarity with the performance and as a result feels deliciously fresh.



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1 minute ago, doesthisbusstop said:

How good was the bootleg of this show? (Sound quality wise). 

I was sure I had this show at one point and that it was a nice ALD/aud matrix, but Brucebase says it was just an audience recording, so it's probably my memory catching up with me. 

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 I was there! It was the first time we traveled to see a show.  We took the train up and stayed downtown.  I remember that we got the tickets on the phone and they were on the floor, 10th row center on the aisle. They were credit card only and we had to show our card when we arrived. This was before the Internet and I had never heard of such a thing. I was nervous until we had the tickets in hand.  I remember that we were both blown away by the band and the show. Someone had a huge banner there that said, “Come to St. Louis!“ They did the next year. I can’t wait to hear this since I don’t think I have heard it since then.   I remember that after the show, we could not get a cab, so we crammed onto a packed bus and rode it most of the way downtown and then walked several blocks back to our hotel. Fun times. 


Aww... I lied. I just checked my notes, and we were there on the 27th, not the 30th. Still looking forward to hearing the show though. 

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Just listened to NYCS.

Roy's playing is the best! I think my favorite version ever. He truly is a wizard on keys!! 

But vocally, I quite dislike it honestly. Bruce is 'shouting' too much for my liking :unsure: I much prefer the Rome version (or any of the 2016 performances), they sound much more 'softer'. 

Or is it just me?


Great version nevertheless and definitely worth the purchase. 


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