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Your Top 5 Official live concert releases

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I get what you mean in the sense that they're not exactly available to the public - like in shops, I know they're available to everyone - and are more so something for the diehard fan, but they're def

No argument there. Still blows me away. All the different 'best tour' arguments out there can't make me change my mind from thinking this was the E Street Band at it's pinnacle.

5. Roxy '78 4. Los Angeles '85 3. Detroit '88 2. Tempe '80 1. E.Rutherford '81

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1. Rochester / Albany 77.

2. No Nukes 79.

3. Upper Derby 75.

4. Passaic 78.

5. London 81. 

I guess that’s 8 shows ;) 

cant be doing with that modern stuff.





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Top five....

1) 12/31/75, Tower Theater, Philadelphia

2) 9/20/78, Passaic

3) 2/7/77, Albany

4) 12/29/80, Uniondale

5) either 7/9/81, Brendan Byrne Arena, N.J., or 7/31/05, Columbus


Note: If Winterland night 2 had a better mix, it would probably be my very favorite. Wembley 6/5/81, another fantastic show, would also be higher for me.

Runners-ups: 12/31/80 and the No Nukes shows.



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