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2018 NHL Thread

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On 5/17/2019 at 11:58 PM, judyg said:

Come on Bruins

Well Judy, if the Blues win tonight or Thursday night it will be a re-match of the 1970 Stanley Cup Final. I think everyone remembers this.

Gretzky maybe the greatest, But Bobby Orr changed the game.  


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On 5/18/2019 at 12:49 PM, Jimmy James said:

Hey @Pastor Jeff, totally forgot about you being a Sharks fan. How have you liked the series so far. Very entertaining. Love the overall speed both clubs have.

Just saw your message, JJ. I always enjoy the playoffs! For awhile I thought that this might be the year for the Sharks—they were playing pretty well AND they were getting breaks that they weren’t used to getting in the playoffs. However, they ran out of gas against the Blues. The injuries were debilitating and the Blues just ate them up in the last two games. Oh well... and I’m getting TIRED of saying “Oh well.” I’m really hoping we haven’t seen the last of Karlsson...

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23 hours ago, VABOSSFAN said:

I’m pulling for the Blues....Mainly because it’s @PattyC hometown....We took a scenic tour of St Louis one time lol.

I’m pulling for the Blues....Mainly because I hate the Boston Bruins....the fact that it's @pattyc hometown is a bonus.

The scenic tour, is that the one that was a scavenger hunt for a ticket?

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10 hours ago, Jimmy James said:

Series tied 1-1 and the Blues out played the Bruins more than 2/3 of the game.

We should have some sort of a bet on this, but I don’t know what the stakes would be.  

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10 minutes ago, burghfan said:

Clam chowder vs bread sliced bagels?


None of those sliced bagels!! I’m really a New Yorker you know. We fold our pizza slices and we do not cut our bagels into slices.  

I think that if the Bruins win, JJ should post a thread (in the appropriate forum) in which he lists 5 things he admires about Barack Obama.  If the Blues win, I’ll post a thread listing 5 things I admire about the current president. Are you up for that one, @Jimmy James? That’s pretty high stakes.  

(And please nobody start a political discussion here on this thread, OK?)

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