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I had no idea... (random trivial facts about music)

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Watched a documentary on the start of heavy metal the other night.  Didn't know Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath lost the tips of his fingers in an industrial accident. Which made him loosen the strin

Alice Cooper is a boy apparently.

Bob Dylan isn't Bob Dylan's real name

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22 hours ago, Jerseyfornia said:

According to the movie I saw with Kurt Russell years ago, it was because his momma had black hair.

From what I recall Elvis, who was born blonde (though it kind of grew to a chestnut brown later on) dyed his hair jet black because it looked better on camera (since they were, of course, black and white images back then) and because he thought it made him appear edgier and all his on-screen heroes had black hair - such as Tony Curtis and Marlon Brando. 

But then, as is the case with much Elvis trivia, there are usually different recollections depending on who you ask. 

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On 11/24/2018 at 10:41 PM, -Sussudio- said:

It wasn't until very recently that I found out it was Sting singing "I want my MTV" in Dire Straits' Money For Nothing.

When I was told that piece of (I'm assuming well known) trivia that part of the song instantly played in my head and it was a complete WELL DUH OF COURSE IT IS moment for me.


On 11/24/2018 at 11:04 PM, SteveJhb said:

Okay, talking of this, being a Sting fan I was well aware of this as I had the Brothers In Arms album from a new release. I'm in high school, talking to a group of guys who are discussing the song and video for Money For Nothing when I mention Sting sings on the track. No he doesn't! They chorus... Eventually, the leader of the group tells me he will go home and check the record. I say please do. Of course, I have the UK print, which has a printed inner with the details. They have the SA pressing with a white sleeve. So he comes back the next day and tells everyone how I made it up.

To be fair though, the radio single and video versions of the song were about 4 minutes long and had very little Sting in comparison to the album version which is over 8 minutes long (how many people knew THAT) and on which he is very clearly audible...

How many arguments have the internet, Google and IMDB avoided in the internet age I wonder?

Yes, I can understand why someone who has only ever heard the single version could miss it, but listening to the full version Sting is unmistakable especially when he half sings / half speaks the line "Money for nothing" in the outro. 

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On 11/24/2018 at 11:11 PM, Jerseyfornia said:

Jim Steinman does not sing the lead vocal on his only hit single Rock And Roll Dreams Come Through.

Rory Dodd sings that song and two other tracks on Steinman's Bad For Good record.

And thanks to yourself and others around here, I only found out a few months back that I've been listening to Roy Bittan for 37 years on that song and album

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4 minutes ago, Jimmy James said:

Could you image what the Monkee's thought about walking on stage after the Great Jimi Hendrix? 

They chilled out with him outside the shows. They were excited about getting to watch him perform every night. :)

Check out the pic of Mike and Peter with Jimi in the hotel room


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Brothers In Arms was recorded in Montserrat at the famous Air Studios.

Local legend Danny ran the wind surfing school on the beach by the Viewpoint Hotel.

He got to know Mark Knopfler and the band over the weeks they spent on the island.

Thus, the line ‘Danny do the walk on by’ is dedicated to that great Montserratian.

Useless fact I know but hey he gets a mention on one of the biggest selling albums of that era. 

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Paul McCartney has had UK Number Ones as:


Duo (with Stevie Wonder)

Trio (Wings at the time of Mull Of Kintyre)

Quartet (a popular 60s Beat combo)

Quintet (the above plus Billy Preston)

Charity Aggregation

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