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The price you pay.... Donations now accepted

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Just done.

Although, obviously, I'm the only person here who is right about everything (to be fair, I know my view that no Christmas presents should be given to people who don't finish their Brussel Sprouts first is "controversial"), it's always a pleasure to come here and see just how wrong everyone else is all the time

In all seriousness, thanks to all the Mods for the time, effort and cost involved in keeping this place running, and the wonderful people who make this the best online place.

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Thank you for everything you do, Greasy Lake! This place has been a constant inspiration in my life for the last six years. Sharing music and videos, - set list watching at 3 AM!- all the concerts, travels, connections to distant places in the world. And most importantly:  some people I’ve met here who have become dear and close friends. 

Sorry for the delay. Donation done.  

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It's time to wrap this fundraiser up! Thanks to you we are secure for another year. So thank you to all of you who donated, big or small. Without you, this place would cease to exist.

So, we can all relax for a little while and enjoy whatever Bruce has in store for us in the coming year.

Bring it on!

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