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my first stones concert in hyde park 1969  

In our several-years-running theme of 50 years ago, here's 1969, the final year of a decade with oh-so-much change and evolution. My source for all the information I post on this topic is here Ne

Elvis continued his comeback, with this single written by Mac Davis - In the Ghetto.  

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Moody Blues, Never Comes the Day

A flop as a single, but the album, On the Threshold of a Dream, has been a companion of mine for lo these many years. Justin Hayward has always been a favorite singer of mine.


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week of Aug 23, probably unfamiliar to many - Orpheus, Can't Find the Time

This band was from near my school at the time. But I did not have radio available (electronics banned for my age cohort), so only heard it at a dance we had one Saturday night (and we had only one in the Fall Term, and one in the Spring :(). It took me a while to actually find the song on vinyl - I might still have the album in storage. Classic late-60s sound.


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