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and from the most important album from 1969, released on August 5th, 1969.

The first song I thought of when seeing this thread (even if I Wanna Be Your Dog is the most famous song from the album).

The one and only, The Stooges. The band and album that brought us what would be called punk rock later, just a return to rock and roll.

Ron Asheton's guitar playing on this album, esp. on No Fun, is fucking incredible. Link Wray influenced it sounds, nasty, distorted, plenty of fuzztone and wah-wah added too...

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my first stones concert in hyde park 1969  

In our several-years-running theme of 50 years ago, here's 1969, the final year of a decade with oh-so-much change and evolution. My source for all the information I post on this topic is here Ne

Elvis continued his comeback, with this single written by Mac Davis - In the Ghetto.  

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On 11/30/2019 at 4:25 AM, stevie54uk said:

my first stones concert in hyde park 1969



Isn't that the one where they released butterflies at the beginning? IIRC I have a cassette recording of it. Was going to make a copy of it for a mate of mine who also went to the show and give it to him for his 40th birthday (35 years ago now :D). He went, and lost the next 3 days of his live. I was going to splice into the beginning of the recording the Shangri-Las, Remember ... Walking in the Sand :D 

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I just had an image ive had in my mind for 30 years (im a young-in) blown away

I always in my mind imangined bightly coloured butterflies like Monarchs or red admirals but now they sound more like the ones you 'desris dust' off your cabbages seedlings


Charlie Watts".... The butterflies were a bit sad, really. They looked good from the audience, but actually if you were near them there were an awful lot of casualties…It was like the Somme before they even got off the ground.”





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