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ISO Darkness on the Edge of Town LP - Costa Rica pressing

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My name is Marcel Vink and I live in The Netherlands (Europe).

A few of you might know me or have seen me posting my Bruce stuff on Facebook's group called 'Springsteen Collector'.

I'm a fanatic collector of as many different LP (no CD's or other formats) releases of Bruce's best record (IMO) Darkness on the Edge of Town. I have managed to obtain over 100 different releases and currently own items from 29 different countries. My Darkness LP collection can be found here; www.doteot.info

The only country still missing is Costa Rica.

If someone here has such a copy, please consider selling it to me. I would very much appreciate it. 

Rock on!


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45 minutes ago, Jerseyfornia said:

Sorry, I can't help you, but I just had to post this picture from your site.


I think you may be insane, but that doesn't keep me from enjoying your insanity. Keep going, man...you'll find it.

Hahahaha, yep that's me and I'm insane....:rolleyes:

Thanks a lot and yes I'll keep pushing to find the missing record in my collection :D

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