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Time for another housecleaning due to duplicates, etc.

You pay shipping, via Paypal, and it's all yours (as a single lot).  All of this will fit in a large padded mailer so the cost should be minimal. 

U.S. residents only -- PM me if interested.

My Hometown/This Hard Land -- Promo single, recorded 6/29/00 at MSG
All Those Years -- Various LIVE/1971-1982 (5 discs, w/front and back artwork trimmed to fit Case Logic CD sleeves)
Odds & Sods -- Unreleased LIVE and studio recordings/1972-2005
Max's Kansas City -- 1/31/73
5/1/73 Richmond
7/31/73 Roslyn, NY
6/3/74 Agora
The Complete Bottom Line WNEW-FM Radio Broadcast -- 8/15/75
A Streak of Light Through the Tunnel -- 11/4/76
7/1/78 Berkeley -- Partial 1st set and two songs from soundcheck (including instrumental "New York City Serenade")
3/5/81 Indy
Warm Welcome in Stockholm -- 5/7/81
5/8/81 Stockholm
1/7/85 Indy
1/24/85 Providence
Prodigal Son in the City of Angels -- 9/23/99
11/17/99 Columbus (IEM source -- w/glossy artwork)
Doubletake Night (Crystal Cat) -- 2/19/03, Somerville, MA (w/glossy artwork)
Philadelphia Magic Night (CC)-- 10/6/07

9/20/78 Passaic
1/24/85 Providence (B&W -- "Darkness" to "Bobby Jean")
80s Compilation Reel (w/artwork and DVD case):
-- Old Grey Whistle Test (BORN IN THE U.S.A. Tour documentary)
-- Folkways: A Vision Shared -- "Vigilante Man", "I Ain't Got No Home", and Bruce's comments
-- Inside the Tunnel of Love (MTV documentary)
-- Amnesty International Human Rights Now! Tour (Bruce footage from HBO special)
Bruce Springsteen: A Secret History (1998 BBC documentary)
1999 Compilation -- Conan, R&RHoF, Cash Tribute, VH-1 opening night at the Meadowlands

Miscellaneous Artwork
Part of the Show (w/DVD case) -- 7/26/84, Toronto, "jump shot" photo
BORN IN THE U.S.A. Tour Reel Compilation (w/DVD case)
1999 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction (w/DVD case)
Grand Rapids Night

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