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NEW ALBUM: Western Stars - June 14

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2 hours ago, lilbud said:

The only good kind of piracy, as far as I'm concerned, is of stuff that you can no longer get legally. (Old videogames, movies out of print, etc.)

Or, given the massive 2008 fire we're just learning about this week, about 25% of the most important American music over the past 75 years. :(

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Ok, just getting back home....almost an hour each way but at least on the way back I could get my first listen in.  Wow!  Really wasn't fully expecting that. Slick production, very lush orchestration really gives it an expansive feel!

Need a listen now without the traffic


I really like Western Stars, Wayfarer, Tucson Train, Hello Sunshine, Smokey Joe's Cafe so far

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1 hour ago, maccawings said:

Smokey Joe's Cafe has a very late 50's/early 60's pop song feel.....Love it!   It sounds like something but I can't think of it yet

The Coasters is what the title makes me think of. I'm very curious to hear this one.

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11 hours ago, jukeblue said:

Don't believe it,  Love every clip I've heard especially western stars

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8 hours ago, Idiot'sDelight said:

My record store doesn't have it in yet, they're not sure they'll have it on Friday even. This isn't looking good for me.

Find a new record shop, and quick! Double coloured vinyl in Rapture, Witney ready for tomorrow 09:00am. See you there!

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One of the reviews mentioned that the record grows more satisfying on further listens.

I'm on my second listen, got a nice warm buzz on, and I'm finding that there is an emotional quality to the string arrangements and the sweeping melodies. It's like they were written to stir the heart and I believe the strings were exactly the right decision; they save the record from it's own underlying darkness. I try to put away all expectations when I sit down to a new Bruce Springsteen album, but that's easier said than done, isn't it? Two songs in on the first listen and I was thinking, "this isn't what I was expecting at all, even though it sounds exactly as it has been described." I'm two thirds of the way through my second listen and I'm swept away on it.

I'm at a time and age in my life where I feel a lot like these characters. I'm restless, as I've been since birth, but this time I feel restless to settle down somewhere on the high desert.

This is not an album to judge too quickly.

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6 minutes ago, Promise61 said:

Lovely horns and strings, but he's basically rewritten Devils And Dust.

Fine by me... that was his last 'springsteen' song.

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