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NEW ALBUM: Western Stars - June 14

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2 hours ago, gaityr said:

Would like to say thank you for posting these gorgeous photos... I was quite set on getting the dark blue version from the official US store, because the swirls of white and blue on the UK version didn't look very nice in the sample photo. But this is so beautiful and actually really fitting for the album, now that we've all had the opportunity to listen to it!! Think I'm buying this as a birthday gift for myself :wub:

Aw no problem! I just had to share how pretty it is! Honestly, the photos don’t do the colour of the vinyl justice. I almost don’t want to play it, like it’s something just to be looked at! You should definitely get it if you can :) 

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8 hours ago, Captain Chaos said:

At a push I’d go:

Chasin Wild Horses, Stones and Moonlight Motel.

Love Hitch Hikin, Western Stars, Drive Fast and Sundown too. Even getting into The Wayfarer. The Miracle song even sounds good. Loved Sunshine from the off. 

At this stage I’m thinking it’s one of the deepest stacked he’s done in terms of quality songs. 


I think you and I have very similar tastes in Bruces music

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The album is great. Just finished the first listen and it ranks up there with Darkness and Magic in its ability to cut you to the core. I feel that the title track and Moonlight Motel are instant classics that could easily find their way on to a "Greatest Hits" album if he ever stops making hits!. Moonlight Motel really packs a punch that I was not expecting. I was noticing shades of the Drifters song Under the Boardwalk while listening to Sleepy Joe. Tuscon Train is your quintessential Springsteen song, but the strings elevate it above similar tracks like Save My Love in my opinion. The rest will take more time to digest, but it is great on first listen. 

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1 minute ago, newcastle roy said:

I doubt very much Bruce Springsteen will read this thread, maybe one of his mates or advisors will read..i dunno 

( mates and advisors..pass it on)  

It's a slim chance i know, but if one of the above does read this thread, please, please tell him..or you 

That this album, is absolutely  fucking fantastic !!!   

I've tried to say what i mean in words that are not swear words..i just can't fucking do it !

This album is fucking awesome, it's just absolutely fucking awesome  ! 


Dear Bruce Springsteen.... thank you very much you , you can never know how much you and your wonderful music means to me.




Unreal mate isn’t it.

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5 hours ago, njtransplanttodc said:

Anyone else hear "Your Own Worst Enemy" at the beginning of (and a few other times during) "Chasin' Wild Horses"?

A bit of the melody in parts definately..

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I am having a Celebration of Life tomorrow at my house, for one of my brothers who passed away a few months ago.   

All day, from about 9 am until 4, I was in my kitchen preparing appetizers, desserts, etc., and so I listened to the album over and over and over.  

It was funny, as the day progressed, I kept hearing new things. “I LOVE this - what is it?” “This song is beautiful- what is it?”   I’d have to go over to the iPod, and turn on the screen so I could find out the titles.  I just love it. Just so, so good.  

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5 minutes ago, risingaurora said:

Here’s what I love about all this. 

The average music fan who keeps up to date with what's going on will have noticed today from newspaper reviews and online chat that Bruce Springsteen has a new album out, and apparently its pretty good. The casual Bruce fan thinks, ‘yeah, I’ll pick that up next time I’m near a record store,’ or ‘I’ll get that as a present for X, Y or Z.’ 

Then there is us. All over the world a bunch of devotees are combing over the lyric booklet, listening on repeat, noticing the vocal similarities with other songs, checking who played the drums on track 6….taking delight that Moonlight Motel mentions a screen door. Basking in wonder that our guy, aged 69, can still make this magic. I love it. Love that you are reading this and I’m reading your thoughts. And I will happily bet that Western Stars is playing in all of our homes, right now. 

Welcome back Bruce. And thanks for bringing us all together. 

What a magnificent post. And one million percent spot on. 

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3 hours ago, Born To Walk said:

It's a bit like the Tom Joad album with loners instead of dead Mexicans. Oh, and with proper tunes!

You have one dead Chihuahua. :P

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So, my review after first listen:

It's an okay album, with 5 really good songs, 2 pretty good songs, 1 average song and 5 songs that I don't really care for that much so far. Overall I do like that the album sounds so cinematic.
The 5 songs I enjoy the least all share that cinematic quality and while they're good at creating an atmosphere (perfect as background music) they're pretty boring to me as songs. They're just not my type of music I guess. Too many maj7 chords for my taste.
A small detail that kinda irked me on first listen: How the verses of Chasin' wild horses start with the same melody as the verses in Your own worst enemy.

The 5 really good songs (no ranking except for the first song which is the best on the album):

Tucson train
Sleepy Joe's Café
Somewhere north of Nashville
Moonlight motel

The 2 pretty good songs (ranked):

There goes my miracle
Chasin' wild horses

The average song:

Hitch hikin'

The songs I don't really care for (no ranking):

The Wayfarer
Western stars
Drive fast (The Stuntman)
Hello sunshine

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