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In in my life there’s Bruce and then there’s Dr. John. I had been listening to all his discography with the suspicion something wasn’t right...

I got to se him live in New Orleans and he made me feel at home like I don’t think I’d ever had before. He taught me important lessons about life and he kept me company through thick and thin.

I felt the loss of Fats Domino but this one feels personal. I lost one of my very few heroes.

So long, Doc! Fly away!

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4 minutes ago, took me long enough said:

You must have many, but what are some of your favorite songs? 

The first album, Gris Gris, is absolutely flawless (the first five albums are, really. There are also late masterpieces like Locked Down. 

Off the top of my head )and seriously sadder than I’m comfortable to admit):

Gris Gris Gumbo Ya Ya

I walk on Guilded Splinters

Mama Roux

Black Widow Spider

What Comes Around (Goes Around)

Zu Zu Manou 

Iko Iko

Such a Night

Locked Down



So many great songs...

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My best friend from childhood, and still a really close friend, insisted I had to go and come see Dr John live in a little jazz club in Amsterdam with him, days after my dad died. Though I loved Dr John, had never seen him live, I just couldn't be arsed at first but my friend wouldn't take no for an answer, so I went... And had the most incredible night. It sounds cheesy as fuck but the Doctor really did deliver a healthy dose of healing that night! So much joy in that gig, and great music to let the mind go and forget about all my troubles and sadness of that moment. It was a great distraction that week between my dad's passing and the cremation.

Rip Mac. He lived live on his own terms.

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I hadn't heard this sad news until seeing this thread. 

I think saw Dr. John the first time when I watched The Last Waltz.  After that I got a bunch of his music...sadly I never saw him perform live, but what a fantastic body of work he left behind for us to enjoy.

RIP Mr. Rebennack.


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