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I lost you two days ago. Now you are at peace...feeling no pain, free from worry and sorrow. I remember you asking me to make you a Mix tape. You loved 'Yesterday'. It was your favorite song. You play

Welcome home dad. I know it's going to be a long road to recovery, but you're strong & we'll all be right there with you. Played your favorite..."In My Life" as you were wheeled in & it was go

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Alternate album covers that were considered:




Would you have gone with one of these, or kept the original?  I kind of dig the white cover with photo inserts. The sigs were added later for a  U.S. limited edition remix that never got released.

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2 minutes ago, janeymarywendy said:

Those three kids could easily steal the show, but dad sure can sing!

There's all sorts of stuff on their YouTube channel


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So, if you don't care to watch the vid, the secret is that both John & George plugged their guitars directly into the mixing deck at Abbey Rd & Geoff Emerick (mixing engineer) distorted the levels on the high-end treble to give the guitars the distortion with fuzz that John wanted for the song.

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