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Great opportunity for one Laker plus family/friends - WINNER FOUND!!!

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7 minutes ago, whispered secret said:

Our friend London Calling  was responsible for the Brooooce I believe!

The best part of the evening was, of course, meeting fellow Lakers for a drink and meeting Safraz  our way in.

The programme itself was pretty crap -they could easily have spent the entire time on the film but, hey ho!

It was.:D

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And the winner is.... whispered secret formerly Ann Jones!!! Congratulations! I will contact you privately to work out the details.

That was the deal I made with BBC: only send authentic, good-looking Springsteen fans. I think I succeeded.

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2 hours ago, LONDONCALLING said:

Guilty as charged. I did BROOOOCE which probably increased the Springsteen content by 20%. 

Great fun to be wallpaper. 

Lovely to meet the guys from here. 

Sarfraz outside before the show “ oh wow, they got real Springsteen fans to be in the crowd? “

that's awsome ! 

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45 minutes ago, merlin said:

British Lakers are the Best!!!


Rachel told me to post that!


And as soon as you posted that the board broke and updates are no longer showing...


karsten will Isend you the bill for breaking the lake

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