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Travis Scott on Netflix

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So, my 15-year old son is very much into music....reminds me of myself at that age...except he is more heavily into rap while I was of course a classic rock and alternative rock/punk guy.  The one artist that has risen to the top of his playlist is Travis Scott.   You may know his as one of the current boyfriend and baby-daddy's of the billionaire Jenner girl.

Anywho, Netflix has put together a documentary of his rise to fame.  Most of you here would never be interested in seeing or hearing of someone in this genre, but this short two minute movie trailer could be worth a watch just to see what else is going on out there in today's music world.

I've seen Scott perform twice with my son....and I'm heading to Philly next weekend to see him again.  It really is a sight to see how the crowd and Scott communicate and celebrate together.  I'm actually looking forward to it.


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well rap being my most loathed art form

maybe when i can't sleep

and only because you recommended it Sonic

and i like that you go with your son to see his music

and i liked that picture of this Travis person with his mum

but just don't try to buy me with any tie up with that ridiculously  tacky Jenner clan

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