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Bruce is recording at this moment

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This photo would be a good picture as front sleeve for Electric Nebraska album.

I can't believe no one saw the hidden message: Bruce is re-recording "Thunder Road".

Glad to see someone's filled that dangerous empty pool at the Moonlight Motel....

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4 minutes ago, NoSurrender81 said:

Another interesting observation that supports tracks 2 is that Ron blatantly stated they are not recording the New street album and denied it, With tracks 2 he keeps putting smiley faces. 

Excellent detective work you’re right!!

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It's like Black Ops with that lot.

Nugs never answer direct questions about the archive, Aleoli takes delight in teasing us (knobhead) and Bruce rings Sirius with 'projects' in the works.

It's all a tad pretentious.  We've all contributed to his family being able to 'live high on the hog' so don't treat us like rabid teenyboppers.

Oh, hang on a second.......


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Another valuable piece of information is that Bruce is in LA with Ron A.. Also Bob Clearmountains studio is in LA... Clearmountain stated in Janurary he was working on a Bruce project. FYI it was not WS as he is not credited on that album

"I was listening to Debatable on SiriusXM Volume this afternoon. They were discussing the significance of the year 1984 on music with guests. Bob Clearmountain (famous engineer and with Bruce fo a longtime) was part of the panel and as they went to a break, he said he had to get back to work because he was working in something for Bruce.

He gave no indication of what it it, but Bruce has something in the works.
Source here:




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1 hour ago, doesthisbusstop said:

Bruce 2020 Tour latest odds: 


Born in the USA re-issue tour:   4/5

Tracks 2 (re-union style) tour: 3/1 

No Tour: 4/1

New E Street Band Album tour 9/2

Western Stars Tour: 33/1 

I'll take €100 on the 9/2 New E Street Album tour !

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2 hours ago, MacBruce said:

Serious question...Do people think Bruce will be touring in 2020 with the ESB ?

He said they're (or he rather if that's what the band does now separately) recording the album in the autumn and touring in '20.  

Now I don't take that as gospel as that might be the general idea so far, things can change.  

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Bruce should get rid of this Christian rock yes man, get a proper producer in who'll stand up to him and record an album with all the E Street band in one room.

It's probably going to be the last studio album with the band - do it right.

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