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Ironically, we had to drive to the outskirts of Munich for the film, which happens to be the place where my first Bruce show took place in 93. A lot happened to both of us since. The life that happene

I will post this in hopes it finds you well. I will include these two quotes as an introduction to what I have written. The first one is a favorite quote from a movie where a Texas law man has decided

Everyone's comments and expectations have got me even more excited to see the film day after tomorrow, but there's one thing I don't share with most of you and that's the desire for a nearby showing.

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17 hours ago, Born To Walk said:

I shouldn't go tonight as I'm not feeling well and have been off work for a couple of days.

But........ Its an expensive ticket for a Yorkshireman!

when you get home have a nice smoothing lemon drink (lemon and ginger and honey all optional) with a big slurp of whatever you prefer - i like rum but its good with whiskey ;)

have you feeling better in no time and you'll sleep better 

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On 11/14/2019 at 4:34 PM, doesthisbusstop said:

So 3rd time and it just gets better and better. I noticed little things tonight which I hadn’t noticed either of the first two screenings. 
I just love that riff at the start of hitch hikin’ as it plays over Bruce introducing the film and the choice of his barn as the setting. And then again that same riff as it plays over the credits at the end before the sweeping music which repeats from the earlier wild horses roaming scenes. 
The absolute jewel in the crown of the live performances for me has to be Stones. It is just perfect with Patti joining Bruce and the extended violin outro. But all 14 performances of the songs are just so, so good. 
I will no doubt play the blu ray dozens of times from next month but these three cinema watches will be the ones which stay with me. A stunning film which does justice to the brilliance of this music. Another fantastic evening. 

Very nice!   I’ll be going tomorrow as Western Stars is finally here in Kingston! :D 

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12 minutes ago, SoulBoogieAlex said:

This is what anticipation looks like.... 

Is that not what a bad porn movie looks like?

(Next question: are there good porn movies then? Hmmmm....)

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What a tastfull movie. The songs sounded very good and the parts inbetween the songs were inspiring and filmed very great especially the desert parts. 

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Watched the movie yesterday as well, for the first time! Cinema was completely fully booked (since this film was a one-day event in The Netherlands). 

I really liked it, also musically, all the extended intros, great great great!!


A couple of observations (that I'm sure have been made in the previous 27 pages):

1) Well shit, I need to go to NYC again, to search for that bench!! Would it still exist after 30 years?

2) So Bruce invites family & friends to his house (barn), but they have to pay for their own drinks? :o I found that kind of odd haha



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In the Netherlands 26.000 people visited the Western Stars movie yesterday and it was one of the four best visited movies yesterday.

And in some cinema’s there is tuesday a re-run of the Western Stars movie. 

Link to the article in dutch:


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Hi there, fellow Dutchmen, great the film was so well received over here. Same here in Venlo, Netherlands yep, twice showing, full house. 


...for now one day later and the film still lingers on in my mind. It was so damned beautiful, really incredible and not expected. I mean, I did expect sth special, yeah, right, but this one was one long great highlight really from start to end. 


The music, his voice over, the images, such a stark mark in my mind really.


Come to think of it, since the WS album has been released I listened to it almost daily. Only when not home, work, etc, it was not on my turntable. Yep, some good old fashioned blue vinyl ...even in my 10 day holiday I listened to it when I did find the time, it was, still is, on my phone also.


That being written, ... now really  wondering which album of Bruce did that for me, hmm, not quite sure but sure, I must have been much younger.


Also this one really got me emotional in some ways at some points. It fits every mood come to think of it. Now, that's really amazing, I think. And wonderful. Bruce at 70 gets an album out and for me,  60+ and somehow it all fits together. 


Same as yesterday, in the cinema, I sometimes felt tears sting in my eyes. 


This is music for the soul, for whenever and wherever you are, roaming this globe or just at home, slippers tucked under the bed. There's sth in it for everyone, so open yer ears and let the music take you away.


Bruce, I don't suppose you're gonna read this, but you've done a hell of a job there. Thank you for that and for the Western Stars which shine brightly in my life these past months and days. Truly wonderful indeed.


I suppose I may have been repeating myself there somewhere, I hope to be forgiven.


And really, I just can't imagine that his album to come on E-street will be better, no way. Different, yes, better, nah ...

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Saw it again last night and loved it even more. Big screen, great sound, what's not to like. Been playing the soundtrack non stop on my way to work. Have to spend an hour behind the wheel every day but now I don't complain when I'm stuck in traffic! A fantastic release and a real shame he's not touring with this. Play the entire album and try something new with some older songs. Can you imagine his big songs with an orchestra? Bet the logistics to plan a tour like that are a pain in the ass but I hope he tries it someday. 

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