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Belated Racing in the Street question

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Taken me 40 years to get around to ask this ...  but the background sound starting around where Bruce sings "Now there's wrinkles round my baby's eyes"...is it vocal or synth? It's absolutely sublime. With all due respect, if it's singing it sounds too perfect for anyone in the ESB...

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1 hour ago, stillilllife said:

I've always assumed it's singing. 

Me too.

In fact, I'd say definitely.

I think in an interview with Thunder Rd mag, Roy said that they didn't experiment with synths until the The River sessions.

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27 minutes ago, stillilllife said:

There Is this as well on the album though:


Yeah, spot on & good call; see what you mean! Though the singing on Racing to me is more...choir-like? Frail, maybe? More reminiscent of Suki Lahav's singing on WIESS and the outtake ending of Jungleland (that wound up as the intro to LITF live). I can more easily imagine the ESB guys singing on Promised Land than on Racing.

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