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Atlanta to buy Aberdeen?

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3 hours ago, AMIW said:

So @MagicRatAFC what do you make of all this?

Strange times, I think we're all a bit wary.


Oh, you and the Doc are both wrong, it is, I'm assured a "strategic partnership".


Where I work, phraseology of this ilk is referred to as "WMP"........... Wanky Management Pish..........but I digress.


The conduit to this affair is Dave Cormack, an Aberdonian dude who went to the U.S. and made a shedload of cash (Software outfit called BrightTree I think, he sold his interest for north of half a billion).


He was back at Aberdeen round about the turn of the century for a brief period as Chief Executive (I met him at the Centenary Hogmanay party 2003, nice enough guy). His tenure ended under something of a cloud, Davie boy was, I'm told a bit of a playaaaaaah, with wife and family spending a deal of time in the U.S. Mr C, I'm told, lived the single life.


This came to a head at a function at Cove Rangers Social Club when Dave "chanced his mit" with a young lady. Sadly the young lady transpired to be, unbeknownst to Dave, the then wife of our then captain Derek Whyte.


A short while later Mr C returned to Atlanta , ostensibly because the inclement Aberdeen climate was playing havoc with a medical condition from which his daughter was suffering. (We went through some very bad luck with Chief Executives at this time, Dave's immediate predecessor Gordon Bennett left after having his proclivities for utilising the services of "professional ladies" brought into the public domain. He was once stopped for kerb crawling down Aberdeen Harbour, his excuse was that he was "working out the quickest way to Pittodrie".)


But a wee while ago Dave reappeared on the scene bearing riches.

The newly built training ground is called Cormack Park, as he ponied up a fair few of the shekels that caused it's construction.


Coincidentally, I got my notice of the AGM through today. Items 4 and 5 on the agenda are confirming Thomas J. Crotty and Darren Eales as directors, they're two Atlanta dudes I believe?


We'll see what this next spell in our club's history brings, but interesting times for now.

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I used to work for a company that was bought by another company.

they called it a merger of equals so similar to a strategic partnership

Almost everyone from our company was laid off, almost no one from theirs.

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On my morning dog walk I caught up with a few podcasts.


Dave Cormack seemed to spend most of yesterday reiterating the commitment to the new stadium and using the word "synergy".


So.............fuck him.

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