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Christmas Concert To Be Released In, er February

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Superb 2003 Benefit Event From Bruce + Anyone Who’s Anyone 


• After a 2002 hiatus, the Bruce Springsteen & Friends holiday show returned to Asbury Park's Convention Hall for three nights in early December 2003. As in previous years, the Max Weinberg 7 – formerly studio band for Late Night with Conan O'Brien in New York - were impressive as the hard-working house-band. 


The nightly peak for all the 2003 shows was Sam Moore's set, with Moore's voice growing more powerful each night, and with Bruce seemingly as awed as the audience. ‘Soul Man’ specifically, with the additional power of the MW7 horns and the Alliance Singers, had the Convention Hall rocking like it was 1967 again. 


Other highlights were the live premiere of ‘None But The Brave,’ a ‘prayer for peace’ in Nick Lowe’s blistering ‘What's So Funny About Peace, Love and Understanding,’ plus Bruce and Jimmy Vivino's mind-blowing guitar duel in ‘Thundercrack.’ Honourable mentions too must go to Nils Lofgren's fearless centre-stage turn on ‘Because The Night,’ Little Steven's tribute to Joey Ramone, and what has become an annual holiday gift, a horn-filled ‘Kitty's Back.’ Jon Bon Jovi put in a night's work, as did other guests including, Jesse Malin, Garland Jeffreys, Bobby Bandiera, Willie Nile, the Victorious Gospel Choir, the Alliance Singers, Lisa Lowell, Soozie Tyrell and other E Streeters. 


And this one really was for the kids: proceeds from these benefits went to the Asbury Park High School Band and the Asbury Park Blue Bishops Junior Pee Wee football team, along with other beneficiaries, all noted by Bruce towards the event’s conclusion. 


• This triple CD set contains the entire Holiday concert recorded for live broadcast on 8th December 2003, when the Spirit Of Christmas was as potent at the Convention Hall during this legendary evening, as it likely got in New Jersey that year. 




DISC 1 1. Hold Out Hold Out (The Victorious Gospel Choir)7:47 2. I've Got A Feeling Everything's Gonna Be Alright (The Victorious Gospel Choir) 8:28 3. Christmas Day (ft. Jimmy Vivino) 7:17 4. So Young And In Love 5:32 5. None But The Brave 7:07 6. Queen Of The Underworld (ft. Jesse Malin) 4:39 7. Wendy (ft. Jesse Malin) 4:06 8. R.O.C.K. (ft. Garland Jeffreys) 5:37 9. 96 Tears (ft. Garland Jeffreys) 4:54 10. Merry Christmas (I Don't Wanna Fight Tonight) (ft. Little Steven) 6:04 11. This Time It's For Real (ft. Southside Johnny & Little Steven) 5:10 12. Talk To Me (ft. Southside Johnny & Little Steven) 5:35 


DISC 2 1. It's Been A Long Time (ft. Southside Johnny & Little Steven) 7:32 2. Seaside Bar Song 4:58 3. Thundercrack 11:11 4. This Was A Risky Song 1:58 5. The Wish 5:37 6. Hold On, I'm Coming (ft. Sam Moore) 6:49 7. Something's Wrong With My Baby (ft. Sam Moore) 8:00 8. A FA FA FA FA (Sad Song)/I Thank You (ft. Sam Moore) 8:57 9. Soul Man (ft. Sam Moore) 7:47 10. Shine Silently (ft. Nils Lofgren) 7:52 


DISC 3 1. Because The Night (ft. Nils Lofgren) 10:05 2. Kitty's Back 13:36 3. Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) 6:12 4. Merry Christmas Baby 7:00 5. I Don't Wanna Go Home (ft. Southside Johnny & Little Steven) 4:15 6. Spingsteen Speaks From The Stage 3:16 7. My City Of Ruins (ft. Sam Moore) 6:55 8. What's So Funny 'Bout Peace, Love And Understanding 4:13 9. Santa Claus is Coming to Town 9:44 10. It's My Life (ft. Bon Jovi) 3:57

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