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NEW VINYL Re-issues Feb 21st.

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Although they've since increased in price slightly, i've ordered The Rising, Devils/Dust and 18 Tracks from Amazon.fr for a bargain price.


So combined with LINYC from amazon.uk, it came in at a little over £80 inc postage.


That's not including the Seeger Session shit of course. 

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11 hours ago, Promise61 said:

The Live In Dublin package is great. So nice to finally have it on vinyl.

Am I right in saying that it's only Tracks and the The River outtakes that have yet to make it to vinyl?

...and the single River album - a vinyl release of that would be great.

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Only bought Dublin since I have all the others already. Got it in the mail today, and it's a beauty.

Made me listen to the Seeger Sessions studio album while making dinner, I haven't listened to it in a long, long time. Pay Me must be Bruce's most enjoyable studio recording ever. I'd completely forgotten how fun and loose it is. The studio album also shows how good - and in my opinion better - the songs were when done live.

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3 hours ago, Growin' Up said:

All 4 for me.   I did consider buying the Seeger shit out of morbid curiosity / to play in order to discourage my neighbour's cat from visiting the garden - but decided against it. 

That's being a kind neighbour

Cats have musical taste also 

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52 minutes ago, Daisey Jeep said:

One of those bootlegs that he went to court over ?

It is -of course- a bootleg, of the Ties That Bind album - the album that is in the River box set. Even if it was suggested (on this website) the bootleg was at least the original album, while the version on the River box -maybe- has some 2015 overdubs/re-workings. The album cover of the bootleg is also the cover for the Ties That Bind album. Remember The Ties That Bind album was ready for release in 1979 - the album was finished, mixed and all, the album sleeves were printed- and had to be destroyed - only the vinyl was not pressed yet.

The bootlegs he went to court over in the 90s (Prodigal Son, The Early Years, etc.) were not real bootlegs, but a sort of semi-official releases, containing pre-Greetings songs. They were semi-legal because Bruce -apparently- did not own the rights to those songs (Mike Appel and Jim Cretecos did). It was even said the fact the Hammond demos songs on Tracks, the first 4 songs, are Greetings songs, because legally Bruce could not release other, non-Greetings songs from his sessions for Johjn Hammond because he did not own the rights to those songs (yet) in 1998. However, he owns those rights now, so they can be released on Tracks 2.

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