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The Killers New Album "Sounds Like Bruce Springsteen"

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A trip to the Toon it is then.


This time I came back with a book about WW2 weapons and two Ian Rankin books. Oh, and alabaster book-ends.

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22 hours ago, Finnish Fan said:

I had time to listen to the first four songs from spotify. Sounds very, very Springsteenian.

Well. I have now listened through the album couple of times. Still hear a lot of Bruce vibes. Musically the harmonica in "Quiet Town" and "Terrible Thing" is pure Springsteen. Lyrics also have "on the edge of town" moments that sound more than familiar. I really like the album so far. "Quiet town" and "Cody" hit me right away but I don't think that there are any really bad songs here. "West Hills" opens the album and is a bit different than the rest of the album to my ears. 

This record is very different than "Imploding the Mirage" that I thought was pure and brilliant Killers.

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Definitely inspired by Bruce, but this time it's more Darkness and River Bruce instead of the stadium rock.

Brandon went out of his way to mention that he recorded "Terrible Things" on the same kind of tascam as Bruce used on Nebraska, so I don't think the influence there is too subtle.

I'm enjoying this new record very much. Some of Brandon's best lyrics to date.

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Two songs after this one. This one, Desperate Things, is dire. Kicking off with a song that's akin to the Babybird's You're Gorgeous phrasing/tune was a bit troubling. Didn't sound fresh.

Don't 'do a Springsteen', Brandon. Stick to what you do best - you've tried it, now get back to the office. ;)

I'm itching to fast forward but won't. Just the first listen but I don't think things will improve. I'll treat this one as 11 stories and just read the lyrics.

Awww ... Pressure Machine - things are looking up. That was really nice.

Oh, we're back to Bruce now. Love the sentiment - his dad going out to work (quietly).

I feel like I did when I first heard Nebraska. I expected so much ... got so little.  Oh, he's mentioned many mansions ... very topical.

I look forward to listening again tomorrow - with the lyrics at hand.


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Just listened to it for the first time. Wow, another great album! Some initial thoughts:

The best tracks on Imploding the mirage are better than the best ones on Pressure machine, but after this first listen I do feel that Pressure machine is an even more even album. Also, I think the talking interludes work really well to tie the album together even more. I love that Phoebe Bridgers features on a song, and it feels like her sound has influenced this album on more songs than the one she's on. Lastly, Brandon's falsetto vocals in the first chorus of (the song) Pressure machine are just beautiful!

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10 hours ago, stillilllife said:

Brandon's falsetto vocals in the first chorus of (the song) Pressure machine are just beautiful!

I should have mentioned that as it was a highlight for me, too. His falsetto singing on any song is always divine.

Right ... let's have another listen.

West Hills - still Babybirds' You're Gorgeous. Reminds me of a Nebraska story but more tuneful. This is how Nebraska should've been done imho.

Quiet Town - very Steve Earleish. Like it, nice tune.

Terrible Thing - Nebraska again but Brandon's voice, the tune and the fact he's singing the stories of people he knows makes the difference - it's truth and I'm drawn to them on this listening. I wonder if Brandon got the 'barbed wire town' bit from Will T Massey?

Cody - he sings about the miracle to come again. Love the guitar ... I like this one.

Sleepwalker - take strength from people who love you. Nicely done, Brandon.

Runaway Horses - just lovely. You're a genius, Brandon.

In The Car Outside - a bit samey on the verses, tune-wise, but I like it better this time round. Yeah .. they're all sounding better this morning.

In Another Life - typical Killers song. Good one.

Desperate Things - going back to a Nebraska-ish  monotone at the beginning then he picks it up ... the music lifts it and I want to know what he's singing about. Hmmm, I wonder what happened to the husband. What a tangled web we weave, eh?

Pressure Machine -  sounds like U2 intro. I adore this song. You work hard, make sure your children have things easier than you did - hopefully, love finds you. The soaring music ... another belter, Brandon.

The Getting By - which is what most people know. It takes strength and courage ... and loved ones and friends to help.

I've changed my mind. It has tinges of Nebraska but Brandon does much more with this. These are people I can care about - and I do. I hope someone helped the person, sitting in his/her bedroom.




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