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11 years ago today - Bruce gains a new legion of fans during Super Bowl XLIII

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On 1/31/2020 at 7:25 PM, Jertucky said:

Was this truly “a really important moment in Bruce’s career”? As a lifelong fan it did nothing for me, though I did find the whole ref bit to be really hokey. Did it bring new fans in?

I agree. There was nothing really special about the performance itself. I remember my tv station had the lottery numbers during the performance, and put the show in a small corner, which caused me to miss most of it. It was extremely irritating.

The tv station issued an apology after receiving many complaints. This is the first thing that comes to mind when I hear about that halftime show. That being said, no halftime show has ever made me a “new fan” of an artist.

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This was one of my legendary "travel for Bruce" weekends.  Mrs. Sonic and I made the trek to Tampa for that Super Bowl.  Having been the year before in Phoenix (Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers graced halftime that year), and having access to SB tickets through a friend, I knew that we could not pass up the chance to go see Bruce.....and gawd, what an awful match up for a Cincinnati Bengals fan -- the Steelers and the Cardinals.

Anyway, we spent the night down in Sarasota about 45 minutes from the stadium, and glory be to God, the E Street Band was staying in our hotel.  Gary and Nils sat at the next table over from us at the bar.  Barbara Carr sat close by as well.  I got to say hello to the Professor by the elevators at closing time.  They were all smiles and very excited about performing at halftime.

On the day of the Super Bowl, it was terrific Florida weather.  We partied at the big NFL pre-party near the stadium....Journey performed and maybe John Legend too, but I can't really remember seeing him.  Tons of athletes and other celebs running around.  It really was a great time for us and the other couple that we brought.

On to the game and the show, the game came off as a Pittsburgh home game.  Those folks are seriously die-hard, and travel very well.  I recall getting slapped in the face with one of those Terrible Towels from an excited fan.  I asked her to be a little more considerate...she told me to sit back further.  I told her for the price of these tickets, I'd sit how ever I wanted.  She stopped.

Finally for the halftime show, Mrs. Sonic and I barreled down to the lower level to get a better view.  Stood next to Warren Sapp, if anyone knows who that is...he's a human version of a mountain.  As Bruce came on, it was truly magical.  Really loved it with the streaming fireworks, the crazy crowd (Pittsburgh fans love them some Bruce), the Born to Run backdrop at the start, and the full-bore energy that Bruce brought to the stage.  My God, it was sixty minutes of an amazing show condensed into eleven.  So glad that we made the trip...I consider it one of my top five Bruce highlights.

And it was great to watch the original broadcast on YouTube posted on the OP.   Makes it even that much more exciting for me.

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