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OTD in 1974

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Yes, a certain segment of our society has absolutely no sense of humor....unable to laugh at themselves, and absolutely horrified and willing to cancel those who find humor in others.

Now, throw out your hands!! Stick out your tush!! Hands on your hips. Give them a push!! You'll be surprised. You're doing the French Mistake!!

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Mel is spot on.

I saw an interview with Mel in early December on CBS Sunday Morning.  I applauded him when he said about political correctness and comedy.  He does say he was a little over the top with the N-word, farting and such in the film, but it's what he does.

Good interview.  A lot of it is about his true love for his late wife Ann Bancroft.  If you want to jump to the Blazing Saddles, it's at 7:30 or so.  I'd recommend watching the whole piece.

He's one of my favs.



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An all time comedy.  I think something like Curb your Enthusiasm on HBO is something that lives closely to this film in that it is an equal opportunity offender, leaves nobody unscathed, no religion or race. Hell even medical conditions. I think it always depends on whose making the film. Could it be made today, maybe. 

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Pretty much falls into the 'comedy genius' category.

I don't believe comedy should be censored as long as audiences are forewarned.

On Netflix, hilarious stand up shows The Degenerates and Anthony Jeselink are so non PC. It's lovely to see such controversial material still given a chance.

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