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For You for you (aka win a book!) - WINNER FOUND!

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On 3/29/2020 at 6:23 AM, saschanrw said:

Hello everybody!

My name is Sascha, I am from Germany and I am the lucky winner of Lawrence Kirsch's great Book "For you".

I have been in e-mail contact with Mr. Kirsch for a while now. As I told him I work as a male nurse and so it took me a while to finally write a few lines about the book like I promised him to do.

First I have to say I was very surprised to be contacted by the man himself. When I joined the competition I thought in case of winning Karsten would send the book to me. So now I got beautiful Book signed an dedicated to me personally by the publisher. Lawrence, thank you again!

What we have got here is a hard cover book with over 200 pages of pictures and stories, split in chapters covering the decades from 70`s to the 2000´s.

I still haven't read everything, but there are sure some special stories told. We have a lady named Carrie Potter, whose grandfather Tom Potter and his wife Margaret once ran nothing less than the famous Upstage Club.

You read about people who had been fans for decades but didn't get the chance to see the himself live in concert until the 2000s because for example they lived under a dictatorship (greetings to our friend in Serbia!). Or you are a journalist and spent years of being a political prisoner and the not being able to get a passport until 2004 (my greetings to Turkey!)

We get unbelievable stories like the one of the "Tape Man". Over several sideways somedone gets a box of Bruce's stuff that was meant to be thrown away. An old pair of jeans, several cassettes. As it turns out some cassettes contains recordings of Bruce and Patti. Over Danny Federici's assistant Mary and Terry Magovern (yes, the man himself!) and with lots of patience the lucky fan gets to meet Bruce himself to give him back the cassettes. 

So if you haven't got the book already, give it a shot. It's worth it!

Take care everybody, stay safe!

Greetings from Germany




Welcome to greasylake

Please take care on your work - we all appreate all the work being done in every aspect of health care, now more than ever

When you have time or need a break please pop over to the other forums on greasylake and say hello- although you may have noticed the sports forum is very slow right now but we are always looking for new people to talk to on loose ends

If you have a cat or dog (or who ever:)) introduce him or her on the cat and dog thread 

Congradulations on winning the book - i was very fortunate to be gifted mine by my wonderful Bruce bud Gus, it is indeed a beautiful book



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