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19 hours ago, Captain Chaos said:

Seeing the apparent success of the vaccine rollout is bittersweet. Like most people, I pray it signals a road out of the darkness we’ve all felt over the last year or so. 

I lost my mum to COVID about 6 weeks ago. Would that have been the case if the vaccine had been about 6 months earlier? I’ll never know. Nor should I really expect it to have been. The speed it’s become available is both incredible and maybe also a bit open to question. 

Here’s hoping it’s the both the route out and the saving grace that’s so desperately needed.

I'm so very sorry you lost your mom!!  I hope you and your family find some peace and comfort.  This is such a horrible scourge on the world.  All the people that have been lost is astounding, and I think of the people we're still losing with the vaccine rollouts, it is definitely bittersweet.  

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